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This was my original task:

One-page paper 1: Response to Sontag’s The Decay of Cinema

Your task is to take Sontag’s text as a point of departure and do two moves to it:

1) do some research and read through at least a few of the numerous
responses (both academic and non-academic) to her text and identify
topics and phenomena which these texts propose as an extension of
Sontag’s perspective; we are not interested in proving the author right
or wrong, but in finding out how the authors you will choose to read
perceive cinephilia, fandom, or the general love for film and/or tv;

2) think of yourself in relation to Sontag’s text: how does the
description of film-watching relate to your own experience? What level
of significance to you ascribe to it (why/why not?)? What, again in
terms of your lives, could you identify as an affective experience that
allows you a space to drown your mind into? How does this relate (or
not) to watching moving images?

Your response should not exceed one page (Times New Roman 10,
single-spaced). Remember to APA your sources. Please upload your texts
here and bring them printed on Thursday.

I finished that however, it needs some corrections ( document is uploaded below)
My teacher commented this: in your text, you have used a few expressions I need you to develop on
for clarity:
para. 1:
the manipulation of the modernity
the classics of the past
the basic expectation of cinemas
an extension of the normalcy
“emotion, imagination, and tradition” – how did they manifest in the
past (examples?), and what makes you think they no longer do in the
present (examples)??
can you back up the claim about the internet’s gobbling up (and not, for
instance, extending) the role
most of the films have become predictable, normalized, and … lifeless:
I would drop the “most” quantifier since proving it would require a
global reach – but even then, that’s a super wide claim – what makes you
think so?
you included Sontag’s quote where she writes about “standards” – what
are they?
how do you know that “the emotions…” have no major consideration?
where do you notice this? you name-dropped Black Panther as an
exception: could you develop on that?
how is technology more superficial now than it was decades ago? what’s
you didn’t include any sources commenting on/arguing with Sontag (1996)

I need you to fix those mistakes in my text. Shouldnt take that long as the main part has been written

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