Media Technology

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This assignment requires you to review two videos
and provide in-depth answers to questions. These questions ask you to
critically assess the relationship between presentation of material and
the value of information. How influenced are your by the way information
is presented? How difficlut is it to disentangle the message from the messenger?

Action Items

  1. Review video of “Personal Media & Technology Evolution” (Mike Trutt):
  2. Review video of “Evolution of Social Media”:
  3. Provide in-depth answers to the following five questions. Your assignment shall be at least 200 words in length with correct spelling and grammar:
    • Which video seems the most informative?
    • What is different about the tone of the videos?
    • How do the graphics and images work to capture your attention?
    • Do you find personal stories or statistics most appealing? Why?
    • What appears to be the agenda – or persuasive cause- of each video?

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