create a 16-page (minimum size) booklet showing the ability to create in “Reader Spreads”

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Designing for Print

Project 4 – A Manifesto


• Create a 16-page (minimum size) booklet showing the ability to create in “Reader

Spreads”, and then output to “Printer Spreads” for final presentation.


• Using the given text, design a booklet. Create it in “Reader Spreads”, which is

basically how you would look at things normally. Set up each page as a page in

InDesign, not a whole spread as a page.

• Use the Bruce Mau Manifesto text – the WHOLE text, not just parts.

• The booklet should have a front cover, back cover, and inside pages.

The total of 16 pages includes the cover.

• After creating the booklet like this, you will use InDesign’s “Print Booklet” feature to

convert the pages into “Printer Spreads”, which is how they would need to be to be

output correctly for printing.

• Use typography, obviously. Imagery is optional.

However, you must still exhibit good, solid design skills. Your grade will be

based on both technical accomplishment and visual interest.


• Minimum Final Size: 4” x 4” pages—this is the MINIMUM size (8” x 4” spreads).

Feel free to use any other size of page if it works as a design element.

Colors: CMYK process 4/4 (Full-color on both sides of the paper)

Something to think about: you don’t have to use white paper.

• 1 fullsize comp created in Adobe InDesign.


1 fullsize comp:

Printer spreads printed and put together to make a booklet.

Packaged InDesign document




Reader spreads


Name the file with your name,—for example: “SteveCox-Manifesto”.

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