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Reminder TE 501

DB 4: Tablet Technology in the Classroom-Due November 08, 2018 by 9:00 p.m.

DUE Thursday, November 08, 2018 by 9 p.m.

No late submissions

We know that studies have revealed both “pros” and “cons” of technology in the classroom. Tablet technology and apps are more contemporary technology and is spreading in popularity in the educational arena. As you are completing your papers, the video below should help provoke even more thought that may assist you as you complete your paper.

Click on the link and watch this 5 min. and 30 sec. video. This video identifies 10 reasons to use tablet technology in classroom. You are to complete the following in 2 (or more), well constructed paragraphs.

1) Identify 4 of the 10 reasons (you should only pick 4) that stand out to you as to why tablets should be used in the classroom, and explain why you deem these reasons as important to student success.

2) Discuss the role of the instructor (teacher) in properly implement technology in the classroom for successful student outcomes.

3) The video uses the term “functional teachers”. Explain (according to the video) how technology can be of benefit to the teacher.

Your answers should reflect what you saw and heard in the video in your expressions and your own words. Please watch video first, take a few notes and then address the questions in paragraph format. Lastly, read a classmate’s entry. You may indicate if you agree or disagree in one or more sentence(s).

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