What is the sample size and what it appropriate for the study?

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Quantitative Research Critique

The critique is due at the beginning of class.

Goals for the assignment:

  1. Use criteria for critiquing a qualitative and a quantitative research report.
  2. Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and applicability of research.
  3. Use research critique methodology to guide evidence-based practice.


  1. Using the criteria in each of the guidelines to assist you, evaluate the study
  2. Summarize, your findings in a 2-3 page paper
  3. Submit the following for grading
    1. Research articles
    2. Paper
    3. Rating scale (includes comments section)
  1. Submit utilizing correct grammar, APA format and citations are expected. Cover sheet, reference page in APA style is required.

It is not enough to indicate that the component is met. Detailed but brief explanations based on the article must be included. Each section in the Research Critique Guide must be included in your critique.



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