What is the meaning of Super-leadership?, assignment help

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Please select two (2) of the following four (4) questions and right a fill response, answering all the parts of each question you’ve chosen.

  • Leadership: What is the meaning of Super-leadership? List and define the four major types of leadership as discussed in class(Dictatorial,Transactional,Transformational,Super Leader ), and then discuss how Super-leadership is best achieved and maintained in the firm. Finally, discuss why Super-leadership is important.
  • We looked at strategy through the lens of four different approaches; Industrial organization view, market or customer view, quality and total quality management view and finally, game theory view. Summarize these different views and explain how they are relevant to strategic management. Is one better than the others? Why? What’s there proper place in today’s organizations?
  • The professor argues that the standard situational analysis model is not sufficient for us to make real, deep, strategic decisions. He argues that quantitative reasoning alone is flawed, and that we are on a path to insanity by doing the same things over and over. What is he talking about? How, does he argue, can we be more effective and what should we include in our thinking and analytical models? What does that model look like?
  • Uncertainty is often misunderstood. How and way? What should executive know about uncertainty and how should they manage it effectively? Discuss the uncertainty model as discussed in class and identify the appropriate decision matrix in dealing with uncertainty.

Remember – Only answer TWO of the four questions.

Total around 6 pages and APA format , thanks.


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