What factors combined to create an unprecedented period of global warfare from 1914-1945, history homework help

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Here Are Your Unit I Complete Question Choices

Wilbet, don’t forget to read the seven steps I sent to you thanks

Hallock, S. A. (2013). The world in the 20th century:
A thematic approach. Boston, MA: Pearson.

Answer each Complete question — choose any two of the three — with at least one, well-written paragraph with a minimum of four hundred words. You’ll launch in with a thesis sentence; add supporting evidence for your thesis; and end with a concluding sentence that sums up your arguments. Add a separate reference listing to the bottom and you’re done. Remember to place ALL phrases not directly your own into quotation marks, including the lectures from Hallock. Students’ work will be submitted to Turnitin for similarity index reports. Students with a similarity index above 10% WILL NOT receive credit.

Students, Remember to paraphrase and cite all sources in APA format.

  1. Identify the defining features of global society at the beginning of the 20th century: Who had power and who was challenging it? What was wealth based on, and who had it? How did the Industrial Revolution impact social, economic and global relationships? What were the consequences of New Imperialism?
  1. What factors combined to create an unprecedented period of global warfare from 1914-1945? How did citizens respond to the violence and poverty?
  1. Increasingly, historians refer to World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II as one long period of global conflict – some of it violent and some economic warfare. Explain the justification for this.

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