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Alison has just completed her RN training and this Legal Nurse Consultant Training Course within the last month. She considers herself to be a quiet, non-aggressive person. She has three job possibilities:

(a) Working full-time as a LNC for a large, fast paced Los Angeles law firm consisting of 100 attorneys, 20 paralegals, and 10 other LNCs

(b) Working full time as a LNC for a moderately busy Los Angeles sole practitioner, i.e., one attorney with one paralegal and no other LNCs

(c) Starting her own freelance LNC business in the basement of her suburban Los Angeles home

Alison likes the type of work in which both the downtown Los Angeles law firms engage. The pay and benefits in both of these law firms are roughly the same. She does not have a business plan, but she does have $10,000 saved to devote to her freelance business if she decides to work independently rather than as a full-time employee of a law firm.

How would you advise Alison regarding which of the three job opportunities she should pursue? Rank the possibilities in the order with 1 being the most favorable for Alison and 3 being the least favorable. Provide a thorough explanation for your ranking.

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