Questions on corporate accountability

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Reading: Niamh Garvey and Peter Newell (2005) “Corporate accountability to the poor?Assessing the effectiveness of community-based strategies” Development in Practice 15 (3 & 4): 389-404.

Only short answers (about 3 sentences) needed for each answer.

1) How do Garvey and Newell distinguish between CSR, CA in the managerial sense, and CA in the political sense.

2) What aspects of CA in the political sense have been successfully incorporated into the CSR programs of TNCs operating in poor communities and which have not?

3) How have government policies either weakened or strengthened CA to the poor?

4) What factors give companies power to resist demands for CA?

5) What factors make companies more or less vulnerable to/ cooperative with civil regulation and demands for CA?

6) What factors make poor communities more or less able to exert pressure for CA?

I’ve attached the reading below.

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