Power point project

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Must be original, no plagiarism. Must have references and be marked in the body of the work. No Wikipedia. Please use reputable resources from the internet. Please follow instructions and grading rubic.

Images of Aging

How to Begin: For this assignment, you will analyze images
of aging that surround us in popular culture. This can include images about
aging seen in ads, programs, magazines, birthday cards, etc.

Task: You will determine the message about aging that comes
from these images. Using your images and readings (e.g., course text,
supplemental materials provided by your instructor, additional scholarly
articles), you will create a PowerPoint presentation that is 12 slides long
(including one title slide and one references slide in APA style). Each of the
10 content slides must contain one photo with a succinct explanation of what
that picture signifies. Use the “Notes” section under each slide to explain
your ideas about each photo and how the photo relates to the topics below.

The following topics should be addressed in at least one slide:

  1. Family
    relations, living environments, work, or retirement.
  2. Perspectives
    of elder care or coping with death and bereavement.
  3. Economics,
    discrimination, or political influence.

The PowerPoint presentation must be 12 slides in length (including one title
slide and one references slide), and formatted according to APA style.
Incorporation of a minimum of four scholarly sources is required for this
assignment. On the final slide (slide 12), you must document all sources in APA
style. For information regarding APA, including samples and tutorials, visit
the Ashford Writing Center, located within the Learning Resources tab on the
left navigation toolbar.

Week 4 grading rubic.docx  



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