Marketing – Create a PowerPoint presentation

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Kudler Fine Foods is a
gourmet grocery store that has experienced significant growth over the past few
years. In order to increase its customer base, Kudler Fine Foods is creating an
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan and has hired you as a research

Create 5 slide PowerPoint presentation with
detailed speaker notes (150 words minimum per slide – exclusive of the Title
slide and the Reference(s) slides)
for Kudler Fine Foods’ management
team in which you assess the importance of demographic and psychographic
information in the development of marketing strategies and determine when to
use this data in making marketing decisions. Address the following
in your presentation:

– Determine when to use demographic,
psychographic, geographic, and behavioral segmentation in making marketing

– Assess the importance of demographic data in
marketing decisions for Kudler Fine Foods.

– Explain the importance of psychographic
information marketing decisions for Kudler Fine Foods.

– Considering the various methods of segmentation,
develop a positioning strategy for Kudler Fine Foods against competitive

– Provide a rationale for each one of your

Format your presentation consistent with APA
guidelines. Make sure to cite any information that comes from Kudler Fine
Foods –

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