Develop a 800-1000-word training and development strategy

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Develop a 800-1000-word training and development strategy for your chosen company, including:

  • Discuss the needs assessment.
  • Validate the need for chosen training methods.
  • Evaluate your analysis of development needs and methods to meet the development needs, legislation that may impact training and development, and the anticipated budget for training and development during the first year.
  • Include at least two outside references.

Attach a copy of your TurnItIn report. To find TurnItIn click on Center for Writing Excellence under your assignment. Then upload your paper. Once it has been checked, click on Get Report at the bottom left of the screen. Make appropiate corrections in Grammar, Punctuation, and Sentence Structure. Then resubmit your paper until you are satisfied with your results. Then copy your final results at the end of your paper. This is an example of what you should attach:

Contextual Spelling 3

Confused Words 1

Mixed Dialects of English 1

Misspelled Words 1

Grammar 8

Faulty Subject-Verb Agreement 4

Determiner Use (a/an/the/this, etc.) 3

Incorrect Verb Forms 1

Punctuation 4

Comma Misuse within Clauses 3

Punctuation in Compound/Complex Sentences 1

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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