Cesare Beccaria and His Views on Punishment

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In your unit 2 DB discussion, you discuss Cesare Beccaria and his views on punishment. You state in regards to Beccaria’s theories: “Beccaria disapproved on justice systems of the time and attacked contemporary practices which were familiar at that time. Beccaria opposed slow torture and believed that it had no justification. Beccaria thought that human torture was barbaric and he believed it violated the principle that no person should be punished until proven to be guilty. Beccaria found that end of punishment should be deterrence and this implied a separation of crime from ideas related to sin (Todaro & Miller, 2014).Beccaria believed that the penal concept of vengeance of the state was not realistic and it was essential to change this school of thought. Beccaria understood that the process of punishment was flawed and needed urgent reform.”
You also make note that Beccaria was against retribution and that punishment needs to be equitable to the crime itself. These two factors are interrelated. Beccaria was staunchly against disproportionate punishments for crimes. Can you further explain how these concepts of anti- retribution and proportionate punishment relate to each other, as well as discuss how Beccaria’s works are reflected in our own criminal justice system?


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