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The assignment is meant to introduce you to local government (city council, school board, county commission) by ATTENDING a Regular meeting and reporting on it. Focus on any policy issue that is on the AGENDA. (Do not use Consent Agenda) IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND……access the agencies’s website and listen and view to the recording and write your report from there.

Include the following items in your report:

  • Describe the city you selected (e.g. population, location, major projects the City is involved with)
  • What agenda item did you select and why,
  • summarize the key players involved with that item,
  • Conclude the report with a detailed analysis of the agenda item
  • why you felt it was a PA Foundations issue.
  • include what the final decision of the Council/Board was and if felt it was beneficial or not beneficial to the citizens in that area.

The assignment must be at least 750 words and include a Cover Sheet and a Reference page. Use APA style formatting.


The writer’s central purpose or argument is readily apparent to the reader; clear thesis sentence. Balanced presentation of relevant and legitimate information that clearly supports a central purpose or argument and shows a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of a significant topic; content is specific, accurate, interesting and appropriate. The ideas are arranged logically to support the central purpose or argument.The ideas are arranged logically to support the purpose or argument. Ideas flow smoothly from one to another and are clearly linked to each other. The reader can follow the line of reasoning. APA format is used accurately and consistently in the paper and on the “References” section; follows APA guidelines with regard to mechanics, sentence structure, and word choice. All grammar and spelling are correct.

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