BUS210 week 7 dq 2

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You have been assigned one of the five areas of human resources management to
discuss. Imagine that you work in the human resources (HR) department of a
medium-sized company. Your manager has asked you to brainstorm ways to improve
one of the five areas of human resource management in your company. Assuming
that all five areas are currently functioning at an equal level, what type of
improvement would you implement in your assigned area? What effect do you think
the improvement will have on your business?

 Respond to your classmates
by considering the implications of their suggested HR improvement. Do you have
any recommendations that would expand on their ideas? Are there any negative
implications to their suggested HR improvement?

Review the Businessweek
articles.  Find an article that relates to one of the five areas of HRM and
discuss.  Support your responses.

Recruitment and Selection Training and Development Labor Relations Performance Appraisal Pay and Benefits

My part is pay and benefits


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