based on the ppt to write the 14 weekly learning journal summary

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Include, where applicable, in your journal:

– relevant real-life experiences, information or insights gained during the week related to the course

– insights about your own strengths and weaknesses with regards to the themes discussed in class

– responses to the question, “what are the most important take-away ideas or reactions for me from this week’s class?”

– your thoughts and feelings about topics covered (e.g. organizational communication, conflict, teams); your perceived competence and incompetence, comfort and discomfort, doubts and disagreements.

Your Learning Journal Summary will be evaluated according to the following criteria (a) evidence of relevant exploration and learning for you, and (b) depth of thinking and range of learning that relate to concepts explored throughout the course. You should be writing entries roughly each week, not waiting until you have to turn it in and then trying to simulate the learning that occurred during the course!

A good journal should demonstrate the ability to make connections between class activities, readings and lectures; and your personal experiences and learning.

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