Topic discussion: Reality

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We’re exploring the nature of reality—the concepts of maya or the great illusion. Wilber
posits that reality is simply a level of consciousness and that it can
only be defined and described through articulating what it is not.
He notes that our “civilization, personal identities, philosophies, and
life goals are so thoroughly based upon the dualistic mode of knowing”
(p. 27) that even considering a non-dual reality activates anxiety and
even hostility. Do you agree or disagree with this assertion?

This week, let’s have a discussion about the nature of reality:
consciousness cause matter or the other way around? Does the way in
which you observe and understand reality change its nature? For example,
if I change my perspective, am I changing my reality? Or, is reality
“out there” static, and we have to learn how to see it properly to see
its true nature? Your reasoning may be from personal experience or from
other research that you have conducted. Give examples that support your
theoretical position.

Mention previous researches we did in the past as well..

Post – 250 words.

APA 7th mention (quotes and in parenthesis).

NO cover page please.


  • Text: The Spectrum of Consciousness – attached.
    • Chapter 3: Reality as Consciousness (pp. 37 – 69)
    • Chapter 4: Time/Eternity, Space/Infinity (pp. 70 – 93)


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