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Personal Finances

Assignment Goals:

  • To explain key actions involved in managing YOUR OWN finances
  • To explore how savings and investing can make you a millionaire by the time you retire
  • To discuss various actions you can take to get out of debt or to avoid getting into debt

Assignment Overview:

  • Research Personal Finances finding various ARTICLES and VIDEOS.
  • Create the following:
  • PowerPoint Presentation

Your Presentation Includes the Following:

  • Three (3) ARTICLES and three (3) VIDEOS
  • At least 5 pictures andor graphics that enhance your presentation document aligned with the articles and videos you share; any graphics may be used that are directly in line with the knowledge from the articles and videos.
  • ALL URLs (website addresses) for ALL Articles and Videos are added and they are “selectable” (URLs must be active in your presentation)

Research Requirements:

  • ONE ARTICLE and ONE VIDEO must directly relate to the topic: “How to Manage Your Own Finances”
  • ONE ARTICLE and ONE VIDEO must directly relate to the topic: “Saving and Investing Your Money”
  • ONE ARTICLE and ONE VIDEO must directly relate to the topic: “How to Stay Out of Debt” -or- “How to Get Out of Debt”

Writing Requirements:

  • Explain HOW YOU WILL UTILIZE THE KNOWLEDGE you gained from the Articles and Videos.
  • First, state one of the categories listed above under “Research Requirements.”
  • Then, add your first ARTICLE URL (website address), and write at least 50 words HOW YOU WILL UTILIZE THE KNOWLEDGE gained from the ARTICLE. Your explanation must be action-oriented.
    • For example, let’s say I gained knowledge about personal budgeting to manage my own money from an Article I shared. I would then write at least 50 words about HOW I will create a personal budget and schedule my bills and financial responsibilities each month.
  • Now, add your first VIDEO URL (website address), and write at least 50 words HOW YOU WILL UTILIZE THE KNOWLEDGE gained from the VIDEO. Again, your explanation must be action-oriented.
  • EACH slide then, will have 1 Article URL -OR- 1 Video URL and a short explanation HOW YOU WILL UTILIZE THE KNOWLEDGE.
  • There is no maximum for words, and yet 75 words per Article and per Video is probably a good rule to follow.

Your presentation materials will continue with the above format and writing requirements through all 3 categories listed above under Research Requirements.

Assignment Summary:

  • You will research 3 categoriestopics about Personal Finance (Research Requirements).
  • You will create presentation materials using either PowerPoint
  • 3 Articles and 3 Videos of your choice will be included in your materials. You will write HOW YOU WILL UTILIZE THE KNOWLEDGE for each Article and each Video. You will use 6 slides to accommodate all articles and videos.
  • It is wise to have a slide that introduces your topics; similar to an Introduction Paragraph in a research paper. Use one slide or transition for your Introduction. Likewise, a Conclusion greatly enhances your materials. It is also wise to add a slide for EACH category of topics.

Excellent ‘A’ Grade Materials will Include:

  • An introduction slidetransition (1 point)
  • A conclusion slidetransition (1 point)
  • A slidetransition for EACH category or topics (see Research Requirements above) (1 point)
  • Outstanding explanations of HOW YOU will utilize the knowledge gained (3 points = 1/2 point for each explanation)
  • Outstanding articles and videos with URLs selectable (active website addresses that when clicked they open a browser tab or window) (1 Point)
  • Creatively adding pics and graphics to your materials 2 points)
  • And overall quality relating to grammar and sentence structure, professionalism, and complying with all assignment requirements (1 point)

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