Fact sheet revised

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1. Your fact sheet draft either has acceptable or unacceptable information. You should have responded to the question: “What are some problems or issues in the company, business, or industry?” If you chose to write an essay or report, that is not the assignment that has been given.

NOTE: Using the fact sheet to talk about qualifications for the job, or “why this job is good for me,” is unacceptable. Your prospective employer is interested in assessing your critical thinking skills, not you selling yourself for a job.

2. Review the Community Tool Box, Section 15 above to understand how to format your fact sheet. Reading through the Main Section, Checklist, and Examples tabs are helpful.

3. Look over the four fact sheet examples provided above:

  • Each has a title that addresses a problem
  • Some have headings and subheadings
  • Some have bullets, others have paragraphs
  • Columns are present in some
  • Some are more than one page
  • None of them has an exhaustive list of sources (A “fact sheet” implies that reliable sources were used)


1. Based upon the factual information from your research, from the instructions in the Community Tool Box, Section 15 and from the example fact sheets, your Fact Sheet should:

  • Be one page (automatic deduction of 15 points for two pages).
  • Be single-spaced.
  • Have a title that responds to the question,“What are some problems or issues in the company, business, or industry?” (automatic deduction of 25 points for fact sheets about qualifications for the job, or “why this job is good for me).
  • Contain only facts from your research — no opinions, no sources, no in-text citations.
  • Use headings and sub-headings, as needed.
  • Have paragraphs or bullets, or a combination of the two.
  • Have a text box, charts, tables, images, or columns, as needed.
  • Use color titles, text, or images, as needed.
  • Example fact sheets:
  • My dream job information
  • • Job title:Finance Manager
    • Name of company: CITIC Securities Company Limited

    • Location of company: Beijing, China


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