civil rights act of 1964 – research policy paper, political science homework help

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  • Public Policy Research Paper (25%) Due on 04/18/17

Students will write a 10 – 12-page policy paper for this class. Generally, this assignment will require the student to examine an existing public policy.

Students should select one of the following Acts:

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Your analysis should focus on the following key areas/aspects;


Issue emergence (how did this become an issue?)

The specific problem addressed by the policy

Provide specific data (numbers, stories etc) that helped to define the extent of the issue or problem

How was the problem defined (too many homeless people or not enough shelters)?

Specific issues involved in this problem

How did the issue become an agenda?

What were the triggering mechanisms?


Official and non-official involved in formulating the policy

Role of law makers and Executive (president and cabinet)

Has the judiciary been involved? How?

The role of interest groups and Think Tanks if any

Goals and objectives of the policy

Policy alternatives

Approach used to formulate these alternatives

The prevailing environment

Typology and Tools/ Instruments used

How has the policy been enforced?

Implementation stage

What agencies were involved in the process?

How has the policy been implemented?


Costs involved

Challenges (resistance, politics)


What are the consequences both intended and unintended –outcomes?

Students should be aware…this assignment is not a persuasion paper (as in, a student tries to persuade the instructor a certain policy is good, bad, should be adopted immediately no matter what the Constitution says, etc.). It is also not a policy advocacy paper, wherein a student tries to convince the reader that the public should be able, for instance, a particular environmental regulation should be adopted no matter the costs to business and/or the economy.


  • Based on the policy evaluation criteria, what do you think about the policy? Was it effective, equitable, efficient etc? Does it need to be repealed or terminated?


a) What is the specific problem that the proposal or component is designed to solve?

b) What specific data help to define the magnitude of this problem?

c) Name at least two specific issues that are involved in this problem

d) What were the “triggering” mechanisms that brought this problem to the attention of the actors?

e) What specific policy solutions have been proposed by the President OR OTHER POLICY ACTORS? what are the policy alternatives?

f) What specific policy typologies are involved in the proposed solutions?

g) Are there financial costs associated with these solutions? If so, what are they? How will they be met?

h) What is the policy environment in which these issues are being addressed?

i) Who are the principal actors involved‐ in the President’s Cabinet? In the Congress? In specific sectors of the public?

J) How has the policy been implemented.

k) What are the consequences both intended and unintended –outcomes

Citations & References

All references and citations are correctly written.

All cited works, both text and visual, are done in the correct format with no error

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