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Robert and Gerald come to you for couples counseling. Robert is of African-American descent and Gerald is Caucasian. The couple has been together for 8 years. Robert is a recovering alcoholic with 2 years of sobriety. Gerald tells you that he is very concerned about Robert. He tells you that in the past few months, Robert has gotten “weird”. Apparently, Robert has become, ” paranoid and suspicious, accusing me of sleeping with other men. He tells me that he sees and hears things that warn him not to trust me. I love Robert and would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship.” He also tells you that Robert is addicted to the internet and that he found pornographic material on Robert’s laptop. He is very concerned that Robert is using drugs and alcohol again. Robert interrupts and tells you, “Gerald is out to get me, I tell you. He planted those pornography websites on my computer when I was at work. He wants me to break up with him so he can hook up with some other guy. He’s the one that needs a program. Ask him about those pills he takes every night.” Gerald tells you that his doctor prescribed anxiety and sleep medication as he has been unable to sleep and concentrate with all that is going on. During the assessment, you learn that Robert’s maternal grandmother committed suicide and that Robert’s mother was diagnosed as schizoaffective. Gerald was raised in an alcoholic home. The oldest of 5 children, Gerald had to protect his 4 younger siblings from the “insanity of our parents.”

Question One:
Considering the information in the DSM-5, briefly discuss what diagnostic and interpersonal concerns to you have for this gay couple? What further information might you look for and why?

Question Two:
Create a brief initial treatment plan for Robert and Gerald. What treatment approaches would you consider, that support your findings in Question One.

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