professional Safety Workshop

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  • Professional Safety Workshop
    • Review current safety policies and procedures at the center to collect materials and select subtopics for your workshop. Some possible subtopics in the category of center safety may include:
      • Fire safety (required . . . please cover this topic)
      • Hand washing
      • Food safety
      • Playground safety
      • Indoor safety
    • Choose a few subtopics to focus on during the workshop. No matter what, your workshop should address fire safety and center fire drills, as you will conduct a fire drill with staff and children at the center after the workshop. Remember that the workshop will only be one hour long. Your goal is to cover just a few important topics related to safety in detail within this time period.
    • Gather materials and brainstorm a plan for the workshop. You might consider incorporating one or more of the following tools to help you cover the topics you chose:
      • PowerPoint presentation
      • Handouts
      • Discussion questions
      • Brainstorming session
      • Props
      • Related documents
      • Creative activity
    • Draft a detailed outline of the workshop agenda, including all activities, main ideas, and time allotted to cover your plan and to allow time for discussion.
    • Consult the center director to plan an appropriate time for the workshop.
    • Advertise the workshop and make sure that all staff are informed about the date, time, location, and topic.
    • What is your overall evaluation of the workshop?
    • What parts of the workshop do you think were most successful, and why?
    • What parts of the workshop do you wish had been different, and why?
    • What did you learn from the experience of planning and conducting this professional workshop?
    • Plan a one-hour workshop for center staff that covers topics related to child care center safety (must include fire safety).
    • Conduct the workshop. Video record the workshop if possible.
    • Report on the workshop. Submit the report with all related materials (video files, summary [if needed], notes, and agenda). Please submit all parts of this assignment in one folder.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to prepare and lead a professional workshop at the child care center. You will schedule a time before or after the children are present in the center to hold a one-hour workshop with your peers and colleagues at the center. If possible, you will video record the workshop. After the workshop is complete, you will write a brief report on it. As with all of our assignments in this class, please consider using your work here in your own professional career portfolio.

To align this assignment with its corresponding activity—conducting a fire drill—the topic of the professional workshop is Child Care Center Safety. You should design all parts of the workshop around this topic.

Planning the Workshop

A few elements will go into the process of planning this workshop. Please follow the steps below:

Conducting the Workshop

Hold a one-hour workshop based on the topic of Child Care Center Safety for all center staff. If you can gain consent from all workshop participants, video record the workshop.

Reporting on the Workshop

After you have completed the professional safety workshop with the center staff, prepare digital files of the workshop to submit to your instructor. The most accessible video files are .avi, .mov, .mpg, .mp4 and .wmv. Please ensure that your instructor can open and view the video file type that you send. If you were unable to video record the workshop, you must submit a 250-500 word summary of the workshop, along with other required assignment components.

With your video files or summary, you also need to submit your planning notes, workshop agenda, and a 250-500 word report of the workshop. Your report should answer the following questions:

To successfully complete the Professional Workshop:

Use what you learned in planning and conducting this workshop to lead a fire drill with center staff and children (see next assignment in this folder).

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