phi103 week 4 discussion 2 RESPONSE m l

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Respond substantively in a way that furthers the conversation. For example, you might discuss other similar areas in which you have noticed the media creating or responding to bias. You might comment on to what degree we control our media and to what degree it controls us. You might comment on the example they have chosen and contribute to the points they are making. You might comment further on the value of consuming a wide variety of high quality of media sources. 6 sentences or more.

Mainstream media can be a very scary place simply because of its massive influence on people. Many individuals live and breath by what they hear on the media, mainly their favorite TV news source. This, I believe, is a a mistake because the media has its own biases and agendas that many people fail to acknowledge. It is entirely normal to consume media sources that agree with your existing personal beliefs, which is not inherently bad; however, leads to a myriad of fallacies.

One in particular is the bandwagon fallacy, this fallacy simply strengthens certain beliefs in people because “everyone else believes it, so it must be true.” There are a magnitude of fallacies present in mainstream media and the majority of consumers ignore them because they operate mainly on emotion rather than logical reasoning. In this right, the media seems to actually control us rather than the other way around. We take what we hear, file it for later, and hold it as evidence for our beliefs. When, in fact, we should pick apart what we hear on the media and come to logical conclusions; not based on emotion, but on solid reasoning.

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