Look at the four platforms and find five examples of liberalism, conservatism, fascism and feminism, political science homework help

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Review them and answer the following three questions:

1. Look at the four platforms and find five examples of liberalism, conservatism, fascism and feminism. That is five examples for each ideology. For each example explain which platform it came from and why it fits with that ideology. Be specific and uses the concepts for the ideology in your answer. You do not need to provide any form of citation other than listing the platform they came from. There is no word limit for this but it should be long enough so I can see how you are using the ideology.

2. Pick one example from each platform that you found most interesting or most exemplified the ideology. Look at a minimum of two internet sources (and provide full citations for them-I don’t care about the citation system but I should be able to access that source from your citation) and explain why this example is part of that group’s platform, what it could mean to the government and to the public, what groups are supporting it and what are against it, and whether you support or are against the example. Minimum of 300 words total.

3. Finally, write a 500 word essay explaining which ideology is most likely to improve your country. You can look at it from a domestic point of view or from a foreign policy/international point of view, or both. Clearly identify the principles of the ideology you considered, the name of the country (you can use the US if you’re American or an international student, or international students can use their home country). Identify at least three problems you see facing the country today and concepts from the ideology that would help to improve it. Minimum of 500 words total.


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