How is diversity in the country you chose similar to or different from diversity in the United State?

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a country other than the United States and document the key diversity concerns
for that country. What dominant and subordinate groups exist? What are the
workforce participation rates, earnings, and employment differences among the

Submit a proposal
for your final paper. This document should include a thesis question related to
the course material. This question should not be answerable with a simple yes
or no response. For example, “Does racism still
exist?”Propose what, how,
or why questions, such as, “How is residential
segregation perpetuated in the post-civil rights era?” to
circumvent this problem. Second, students should propose a thesis statement
that directly answers the aforementioned thesis question. Third, each outline
should include an introduction, three substantive sections supporting the
thesis statement, sub-points related to each substantive section, and a
conclusion. The sub-points should be a minimum of 2-3 sentences in length and
the conclusion a full paragraph. Finally, students should include a reference
section that includes at least four academic-related sources (see attached
example for formatting).

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