Forum: D4.1: Constant Gardener or Nigeria/Pfizer Discussion, health and medicine homework help

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Please choose which ever scenario would be easier for you to respond to and please include 2 Peer responses on both Scenarios as well (1 peer response per scenario)! Thank you!


  1. Choose either The Constant Gardener or Nigeria/Pfizer; then, submit answers to the questions on that scenario.
  2. For either assignment, you need to cite at least two outside references. (Do not cite the Tuskegee Experiment.)
  3. You are also required to respond
    to two classmates’ postings. One response must be to a posting on the
    scenario you did not choose for your posting.

The Constant Gardener Questions:

  1. Do you think this kind of study could happen in reality? Why or why not?
  2. What safeguards are in place to prevent this?
  3. Give an example of an unethical healthcare study that has been conducted?
  4. Can the nurse be an advocate for ethical healthcare in this type of situation? Why or why not?

Nigeria/Pfizer Questions:

  1. Evaluate this study for ethical
    standards of research. Use the University of Miami web site and those it
    links to as a basis for your answers. Consider documents you have read
    throughout this course, for example: Universal Declaration of Human
    Rights, UN Charter, position statements from nursing organizations, etc.
  2. What are your conclusions? Was this an ethical study?
  3. What do you believe about the philanthropic activities? Does this make a difference?
  4. Can the nurse be an advocate for ethical healthcare in this type of situation? Why or why not?

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