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Write an article review on both of these two attached articles separately.

  1. Select two of the articles from the list below and read them carefully and completely. All of the articles are about a controversial topic in American History. The article will present two sides of the issue.
  2. Student will write two, separate single-spaced reviews of the articles.
    1. The review should have four elements/paragraphs:
    2. Write a one paragraph overview of the issue. (30 points)
    • Write a one paragraph summary of one the arguments. (30 points)
    • Write a one paragraph summary of the other argument. (30 points)
    • In your final paragraph, select which argument you believe is more convincing and explain why. (30 points)
    1. The review should meet the following format guidelines:
    2. It should be typed (single-space)
    • Students should save the final document as a .rtf document (rich text format).
    • The margins should be set at one inch (top, bottom, left, right).
    • The font style should be Times New Roman.
    • The font size should be 12 point.
    • Type your name in the upper left hand corner of the paper.
    1. Grades:
    2. Failure to follow the format guidelines will result in substantial loss of points.
    • Poor spelling and grammar/punctuation will also result in a loss of points

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