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In the age of mobile phones at devices you would think our problems would become less complicated and our lives would be easier. As we soon found out social media, cloud computing, and smart phones brought about a number of benefits, but also some major headaches for IT and computer specialists. The lines of work and personal time have become more and more blurred to the point where it’s a grey area. From a security stand point these technologies have opened up major holes that need to be covered.

To begin, social media has invaded every aspect of people’s lives included our work life. Depending on the work environment this could pose some problems. Often, IT departments will block access to websites to keep people from using them during the work day. If a situation comes up they may need to conduct investigations and be handling peoples personal emails and documents. Additionally, it can be an operational security hazard. Social media has been the cause of several incidents within the coast guard. Hence the old saying “loose lips sink ships.”

Nowadays almost everyone has a mobile device. These hand held computers create even more issues especially with government and government contract companies handling secret information. There are many spaces in government facilities that are will require the employees to remove any mobile devices and lock them up until they leave from work.

Lastly, many organizations rely on cloud computing to save and backup data. It’s important to realize this also creates a number of issues. Keeping a good check on who has access and who doesn’t is a critical task. When employees come and go they will need access removed or added.

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For those of us who don’t own our own business work for a company of corporations of some sort. Our employers have rules and regulations we must adhere to that protect them as well as their employee’s from possible legal repercussions. For example, companies have the right to monitor any activity taken place on company property; this is especially true when it comes to the use of company computers. However, this type of monitoring could lead to ethical issues by individuals whose job responsibility might requires them to do so, which are normally an IT professional. IT personnel often have access to confidential data and knowledge about individuals’ and companies’ networks and systems that give them a great deal of power (Shinder, 2005). They have the ability to access employee’s emails, monitor the web sites visited, and read employees personal documents stored on companies servers. These are all ethical issues IT personnel should be aware of and never abuse.

In an article post by Industry Perspectives in 2014 stated, “just as core technologies, the essential ethical principles of IT remain unchanged with the advent of cloud computing. And even though the governing ethics remain largely unchanged, it is important to reexamine them, especially in light of the fact that so much of what used to be entirely internal considerations of operations and risk management, has been entrusted to providers and individuals who sit well outside direct organizational control”. Companies are becoming less reliant on their IT personnel by hiring third party vendor to do work typically done by IT departments. In all, IT professionals should have integrity, be trustworthy, and have great work ethic. Hiring individuals with these traits should all but eliminate any ethical issues.

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