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Language Acquisition ePortfolio

As you advance in your studies, you will continue to build your

knowledge base in hopes of reaching your professional goals. This

assignment is a culmination of the learning gained throughout this

course, with hopes for you to build upon this as you grow in your

academic journey. As a professional, you will want to showcase the

knowledge you have gained, as well as demonstrate who you are as a

unique, reflective practitioner entering the professional world. This

project will allow you to develop a language-focused component that you

would be able to add to your personal ePortfolio for future professional

use. An ePortfolio is an organized collection of your work that is

able to be accessed electronically. An ePortfolio may contain examples

of some of your best work that you are able to share with others

electronically, including potential employers. As you complete more

courses, you are able to add more to your ePortfolio resulting in a

reflective collection of who you are as an educator. The goal is for

you to be able to use this as you enter the professional world. You can

learn more about the creation of an ePortfolio at Virtual Educators.

For the Final Project, you will organize a language acquisition section

that could later be added to your professional ePortfolio.

Choose one of the following ePortfolio methods to showcase your language acquisition learning.

    • Power Point Presentation
    • Google ePortfolio: This is an actual working website that you can enable for others to view.

Summarize each of the following components, created earlier in the

course and revised using the feedback received. Be sure to explain the

purpose of each. For example, you can summarize why you included your

design of a language-rich environment for children as it relates to the

support of language acquisition. For each bullet, you must include your

summary and the actual assignment.

  1. Guided Introduction (Week One)
  2. A summary of your beliefs regarding language acquisition
  3. Language-Rich Environment (Week Two)
  4. Stages of Language Development Analysis (Week Three)
  5. Literacy Lesson Plan (Week Four)
  6. Language Reflection (You will choose another project complete
    within this course that you feel is a valuable reflection of your
  7. A summary of how you will support children’s language acquisition in your professional role
  8. Language Resource File in APA format (Week Five)

Your ePortfolio should be creative, but also professional and

demonstrate the knowledge you have obtained. It is helpful to be

thoughtful with your content and creative with your delivery.

Your Final Project should be submitted as one project. The ePortfolio

should address the material using college-level writing and critical

thought. In addition, it should include graphics, visuals, and media,

as appropriate. Contents should be designed to clearly and concisely

address the material with research justification. Your ePortfolio must

be formatted according to APA style, including a title page and a

reference page. You must use a minimum of five resources in addition to

the course text. There is no length requirement for the ePortfolio so

long as all of the required components have been included.

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