essay about the history and theory of ROCOCO style interior design

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You are asked under-take original research into the history and theory of Rococo interior design. This means that you search for sources in the subject area that are from a particular point in time and constitute first-hand or “immediate” texts written by historical actors in the context of time and place. Once you have found a text, your task is to read it carefully and closely and then to offer analysis of it. The analysis turns on asking questions of the text (What is its purpose? What were the circumstances of its creation? What is it saying to its audience? And what are its implications in the context of the creation of interiors). Your essay must be a work of criticism and interpretation (informed, sustained and substantiated).

topic: history and theory of rococo interior design style

you can choose some of rococo style design projects relate to the topic, ex: Jules Hardouin Mansart, Hall of Mirrors, Versailles,


4-5 pages, double space. (high school level)

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