Answer all three questions.

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Question #1 – Select your favorite character from the Tartuffe. Why is this your favorite character? What role did he or she have in the play? How did this character influence/impact the play? Why is this character significant to the story line? Use examples from the play (lines and/or situations) to support your explanation. (Please do not use any outside sources. This is strictly your opinion, but you DO want to use the text to support your answers. Use examples from the text. Make sure you cite them in MLA format. Your answer should be NO FEWER than 300 words!

Question #2 – Swift uses satire to try to prove his point in this peace. Discuss your thoughts on Swift’s use of satire. What do you think it achieves? Do you think that it was beneficial for him in proving his point? Do you see the use of satire in our world today? If so, where, when, and by whom? If not, how do others argue their points today? Give examples and elaborate on your answers. (Make sure your answer is at least 300 words.)

Question #3 – I am not sure about you, but I felt myself changing emotions several times throughout Confessions. I found myself going from “oh poor thing” to “what in the heck?” to “he really did that?” and a lot of other thoughts in between. Share your initial reactions and then any other thoughts that developed along the way. THEN consider Rousseau’s thoughts as he wrote this. Do you think he was wanting sympathy, empathy, or any other particular reactions? Can you see places in the reading that make you think he wrote them to manipulate his readers? Share any other thoughts or ideas you have about this reading and the author. (Make sure that your posting is at least 300 words. There’s a lot to discuss here.)

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