We Take Nothing By Conques

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  • Type your answers on a separate document and upload that document to Moodle.

  • Remember to be specific with your details and explanations instead of vague and over-generalizing.

  • The minimum word count and point value for each question is shared after each question. Some questions have different minimum word counts and point values.

  1. Zinn titled Chapter 8 “We Take Nothing By Conquest, Thank God.” After considering the topic in Chapter 8, what is the irony of the title? Also, consider the ethics, or lack thereof, shown in some of the actions explained in the chapter. What does that Chapter say about who we were culturally at that time in history? Are we different now or still relatively the same? (15 points, 300 words)
  1. In a few different spots throughout the semester, I shared with you a perspective that believes our culture is drifting towards anti-intellectualism. There are many ways this can be argued and various elements and examples to consider in debate. In your answer, take a stand and find your place in this debate. Is our culture developing tendencies toward more anti-intellectualism or are we becoming more intellectual? Support your position with at least three examples from culture. (15 points, 300 words)
  1. I believe the vignettes in our Rakoff readings are a striking representation of various parts of the American culture (a continuum from positive to negative). The things he talks about, the language he uses, even the style and tone he has formed in his writing, all mirror or mock some aspect of American culture. For instance, Rakoff may seem crass… but some Americans are crass. Rakoff may seem blunt… but some Americans are blunt. Rakoff may seem rude… but some Americans are rude. Rakoff may seem inappropriate… but some Americans are inappropriate. Consider what this means about our culture. The things many readers find inappropriate about Rakoff all have some part, whether large or small, in our culture. Whether we find Rakoff funny or offensive, consider what aspect his writings are attempting to mirror or mock in our culture at large. Having considered this, choose one of the vignettes from Rakoff and explain how from your perspective it does or does not adequately mirror or mock some aspects of American culture and explain why. (25 points, 400 words total)
  1. Think of this course as you’ve just experienced it. We’ve tried to focus on the American culture through considering various perspectives in our readings, videos, essays, projects, and discussion forums. I expected your perspectives to show somehow in each assignment, while also expecting you to allow space for the perspectives of others (notice it doesn’t say you had to accept those perspectives). Yet in our culture, I often see disappointing examples of citizens who don’t allow space for the perspectives of others. It’s as if some of our neighbors have come to believe that the only way for them to protect their perspective is to belittle the perspectives of others. Then there are days when I see the opposite. I see people sharing and maybe even learning from each others perspectives without having to necessarily give up their own perspective. Think for a moment about your life and what you have seen (if you’ve been looking) and answer this question: Do you see more examples of people ignoring and belittling the perspectives of others or more examples of people accepting the perspectives of others? Share at least 3 examples to build your answer. (25 points, 400 words total)

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