Caribbean visual arts questions

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Please use proper sources and citations

Based on the readings on visual culture and performance studies, use these theories to discuss the images, videos and readings about Mocko Jumbies

Mocko (Moko) Jumbies are the vibrantly-colored costumed stilt walkers who dance at street carnivals in the Caribbean islands. As one watches Mocko Jumbies perform, one can experience them on many levels. Visibly, on the surface, one experiences their brightly-colored costumes, the dance moves of their performance, the music of the carnival, and may actively participate in the festival themselves. This description could be from a tourist perspective, one which is not aware of the connections to the history that is presented by these masquerading characters. Although the Mocko Jumbie and the carnival tradition has been found on many of the Caribbean Antilles, it has specific ties to the United States Virgin Islands. Using the theoretical lenses of visual culture and/ or performance studies discuss an element of the Mocko Jumbie.


Carnival – St. Croix Christmas Carnival Resources


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The Guardians of Cultural Moko Jumbies.

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