Historians often describe Supreme Court decisions as flash points

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Historians often describe Supreme Court decisions as flash points in our shared past. Historic Supreme Court decisions reflect a broader set of social, political, economic, and cultural forces at a point of inflection: there is usually a “before” and “after” surrounding these decisions. Select the Supreme Court case that you see as the most important/influential to American history, and in a short analysis of 2 pages, explain why. Things to consider:

  • What was the context of the case?
  • What impact did the decision have on American society at the time?
  • Who benefited from the decision? Who was harmed by the decision?
  • What lasting effects may be seen today of this decision?

Choose one of the following cases:

Marburg v Madison

McCulloh v Maryland

Lochner v New York

Plessy v Ferguson

US v EC Knight

Abrams v US

Muller v Oregon

Korematsu v US

US v Butler

West Virginia State Board of Education v Barnette

Brown v board of education i and ii

Civil and voting rights acts

Cooper v Aaron

Roe v wade

Lemon v Kurtzman

Regents of University of CA v Bakke

Planned parenthood v Casey

United States v Virginia


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