Ebola in the United States- Response to classmate help

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responding to classmates below, provide additional critiques on approaches used by
public health and medical professionals during the U.S. Ebola cluster
investigation. The answer has to be a minimum of 50 words with one peer-reviewed/scholarly reference and citation. Here are two references that can assist you. Thank you.



Yes do you think the
public health and medical professionals involved in the Ebola cluster
investigation followed proper protocol. CDC had protocols in place to protect
against spread of disease in the event that an ill traveler arrived in the US
in outbreaks like Ebola. These protocols include having airline crew notify CDC
of sick travelers on a plane before arrival coming to the US. Evaluation of
sick travelers and isolation to a medical facility is a must when dealing with
Ebola. CDC, Customs and Border Protection, has also provided guidance to
airlines for managing sick passengers and crew and for disinfecting aircraft.
CDC has issued a Health Alert Notice reminding U.S. healthcare workers about
the importance of taking steps to prevent the spread of this virus (CDC, 2015).

The organization of
the outbreak control activities was unique especially with regards to the
active surveillance, resource mobilization and management of Ebola. The role of
the media was greatly recognized than in previous outbreaks and helped to
minimize rumors. It is during this outbreak that a field laboratory was first
established and used for screening cases. This was invaluable in guiding case
management and surveillance activities. The laboratory was useful in preventing
further transmission by helping to identify cases from non-cases (WHO, 2015).

Community structure was set up for
surveillance activities to perform well post Ebola outbreak containment and has
proved useful in the identification of other outbreaks as well. There is need
to extend the community based disease surveillance practices for the early
detection of epidemics. The planning should identify medical facilities,
personnel with the necessary expertise and the appropriate medical supplies
needed to treat Ebola. Ebola is not spread through casual contact so the risk
of an outbreak in the US is very low. To further stop the spread of Ebola it is
important to identify case finding, isolation of ill people, contacting people
exposed to the ill person and further isolation of contacts if they develop
symptoms (WHO, 2015). Practice careful hygiene techniques like wash your hands
with soap and water. Avoid contact with blood and body fluids like urine,
feces, saliva, sweat, urine, vomit, breast milk, semen, and vaginal fluids. One
key factor I thought US public health department could do differently was not
make the media coverage so big. When news like this is spread in a fast way I
caused confusion in the community (CDC, 2015).


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