what events have had a profound impact on U.S. intelligence today

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After reviewing the history of intelligence, what events have had a profound impact on U.S. intelligence today? I will added in drop file

  • Provide evidence from the weekly readings to support your arguments via APA parenthetical citations.
  • Other sources (if used at all) must be subordinate to your understanding of the readings presented in the class.

I look forward to reading your posts and providing feedback on your topics!

this is a course on Intelligence AND Homeland Security we would be
remiss if we did not focus this first week on the intelligence leading
up to the September 2001 (9/11) terrorist attacks by al Qaeda on the
United States. With that in mind I would ask that you review at least
some of the additional reading materials suggested in the lesson this
week. This is important because I will be asking each of you a follow up
history question based on the ‘intelligence failure’ revolving around 9/11.

Instructions: When replying to the main forum answer make sure to include your name in the ‘topic title’ your initial forum answer/response.

Fully utilize the required readings from the lesson this week to

support your response to the main forum question. Your initial post

should be at least 250 words and focus on directly answering the

assigned question in a scholarly manner – like a very short paper with

in-text citations from the lesson/required readings. Each sentence

quoting or paraphrasing any ideas or information from any source must be

cited properly including the author and year of publication. If

directly quoting, you must also include the page or paragraph number

that you are quoting from like (Hoffman, 2006, p.7) or for articles and

sources without pages (Renner, 2016, para.15). If you are

directly quoting and there is no page number to cite, then you manually

count the paragraphs and cite that number. You also need to have a

reference list at the end of your post listing your sources. For more on

APA citations and reference lists see pages 19-22 of the APUS Style Guide for APA. You must first provide your own initial forum answer before replying to any classmates or the professor.


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