Develop Rhetorical Knowledge

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. I need to summarize article so who can follow this description and write summary ?


Summary Response

To understand an author’s main idea and purpose for work/To recognize the main points that support that main idea/To be able to summarize author’s main ideas/To be able to respond or react to what the author has to say (to support or defend your point of view).

Student learning objectives:
1. Develop Rhetorical Knowledge
a. Focus on rhetorical situation, audience, and purpose.
b. Use voice, tone, format, and structure appropriately.
c. Write and read texts written in at least one genre for an academic discourse community.
d. Learn reflective strategies.
2. Develop Experience in Writing
a. Learn recursive strategies for generating ideas, revising, editing, and proofreading.
b. Learn to critique one’s own work and the work of others.
3. Develop Application of Composing Conventions
a. Apply genre conventions, including, structure paragraphing tone mechanics, syntax, and style.
b. Use appropriate vocabulary, format, and documentation.
4. Develop Critical and Creative Thinking
a. Identify context.
b. Present a position.
c. Establish a conclusion indicated by the context and that expresses a personal interpretation .

organizational plan for the


I. Introduction (1 paragraph)

A. Introduce the article

by providing the title of the article


the author’s

name, and perhaps a

small amount

of information

about the author.

B. State the thesis for

the essay

C. State your


for your essay

II. Summary: (1-2 paragraphs)

*Remember your summary

should be

in your own words

and should


overt references to

the author

throughout (According

to Smith…Smith further suggests… etc.).

A. Stage of


(SOT) 1

B. SOT 2

C. SOT 3

D. SOT 4

E. Etc.

(You may

have 4-8

stage of thought/sub points in your summary depending on the

article/essay you choose.)

III. Response Section: (4-8


A. Respond to SOT 1 by stating whether you agree or disagree


offer explanation and

proof to

defend your


of view.

B. Respond to


2 in same

manner, providing

a good transition


C. Respond to


3 in same

manner (agree/disagreed)

D. Respond to SOT 4 in same

manner (agree/disagreed)


IV. Conclusion

( please highlight main idea and thesis , USE MAL FORMAT .

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