Hr policy manual

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Key Assignment

Part 2

The Director of Human Resources at Green Branch Coffee was impressed with the first part of your executive report on ethics in the HR profession. She would like you to create a policy for employee use of technology because new sources of social media and more advanced electronic devices are regularly being introduced into the market. The newly designed policy will be part of a revision of the Employee Policy Manual. Green Branch Coffee wants to prevent another leak of customer data, and all locations will be closed for an entire day to train team members on the policy in an attempt to demonstrate Green Branch’s commitment to fairness and justice.

Add an additional 500 words to Part One of (Part One linked) the executive report creating an Employee Use of Technology Policy that addresses the following:

  • Refraining from workplace commentary on social media
  • Maintaining a professional image
  • What can be shared and what cannot be shared on social media
  • Harassment
  • Customer privacy and IT security

 Deliverable Length:  500 words 


Madison Lee

HRMT330: HRM Legal Environment

David Miller

February 20, 2022

In essence, HR professionals are mandated to contribute ideas and lead an entity’s workforce in advancing a company’s objectives while maintaining the given ethical code of conduct. Moreover, HR professionals are required to grow and change in respective of an organization. The professionals are responsible for participating in planning and developing a company’s objectives that should meet the primary organizational goal. As a professional in the HR department, one is responsible for providing the company’s workforce members with career assistance. Periodically, HR professionals are required to conduct staff members’ evaluations by helping them advance their careers, thereby creating commitment (Shakil et al., 2019). Besides that, they are also responsible for finding and recruiting employees to advance the organization’s objectives and maintain the code of ethics that management has provided. An HR professional is also responsible for effectively driving changes within the organization, especially where it may be thought that misconduct is likely to occur. Essentially, they are responsible for advocating the organization’s workforce. This is done by building a work environment for employees that restricts any practice that may lead to ethical issues. They are also mandated to constantly remind and monitor the employees to ensure every employee abides with the organization’s policies, especially those related to the ethical code of conduct.

HR professionals are responsible for maximizing value to a company and contributing to the entity’s moral success. They are to advocate for their professional responsibilities by engaging in activities that enhance value and credibility to all stakeholders they get involved with. Fairness and justice in the HR profession means that the HR professionals need to build respect, credibility, and strategic significance within the company, the business community, and the overall community in which the organization was operating (Society for Human Resource Management, 2014). It is meant to uphold strong ethical standards and strive for a fair working environment that would enhance the workforce confidence while attracting talented employees towards the company. For instance, the organization would not have gotten into the ethical violation at hand if it had included fairness and justice in their Human Resource profession. This is because the employees would have had robust confidence and trust with the company’s management, thereby avoiding leaking customer information on social media websites.

Another purpose of an organization’s HR Department is to manage the organization’s information and have full guidance for the entity’s workforce. Especially in the presence of advanced technology, any information coming from the organization may have a significant impact on the company and every aspect of society in which the company operates. They should design a centralized database with essential data related to onboarding, employee demographics, compensation, benefits, as well as time-tracking. The HR professionals should have set up an enterprise-wide system of information management and set a high-level executive to manage and control the flow of information in the company (Paliszkiewicz, 2019). The professionals should have also conducted an audit of the company’s information. This would have enabled the HR management to determine where costs and bottlenecks related to ethical issues were coming from. The professional management should have also applied big data analytics to the organization’s information to identify trends and make predictions on other related ethical issues that could occur in the company’s future.


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