Hpr wk 3.2

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Goals and Objectives

For this discussion, read Step 4: Defining Clear Goals and Objectives in the course text. It is important to differentiate between goals and objectives. A goal is a general, overarching expression of what the program wants to achieve; whereas, an objective is specific, measurable, time-bound, and doable. Both goals and objectives are directly linked to the problem statement.


· Goal: We will install traffic lights in the city of San Diego next year. (General)

· Objective: We will install 150 traffic lights in zip codes 92154, 92123, and 92133 (December 2014- December 2015). (Specific, measurable, and time-bound)

Characteristics of a statement that refers to objectives:

· Describes problem-related, desirable outcomes of your intervention.

· Does not describe your methods.

· Refers to the population served.

· States the time when the objectives will be met.

· Describes the objectives in numerical terms, if at all possible (Kiritz, 2004).

Guided Response: In your initial post, write your goal as a statement and then write at least one objective supporting that goal. Be sure your goal statement is general and your objective is specific, measurable, and time-bound. Your initial contribution should be a minimum of 250 to 300 words in length. Review and respond to at least two of your classmates’ initial posts (minimum of 200 words). Review their goals and objectives. Are the goals expressed as a general, overall aspiration? Is each objective specific, measurable, time-bound, and doable? Offer your feedback so that your peers can benefit from it.

Required Resources


O’Neal-McElrath, T. (2013). 

Winning grants step by step: The complete workbook for planning, developing, and writing successful proposals

 (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

· Step 4: Defining Clear Goals and Objectives

· Step 5: Developing the Methods


Recommended Resource


Kiritz, N. J. (2004). 
Program planning & proposal writing
 (Links to an external site.)

: Expanded version. Retrieved from https://www.tgci.com/publications-purchase

· This book offers an effective and detailed narrative on how to write a grant proposal, including comprehensive guidelines on the method section. It may assist you in your Goals and Objectives and your Methods discussions this week.

· Please note this is a recommended resource and is not a required purchase.


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