Discrimination memo

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Discrimination Memo

You are a Human Resources Manager at Fly Eagles Fly, Inc., a company that makes custom sports jerseys for domesticated parrots.

Draft a 1 page memo to the CEO of the company addressing the following:

1. Describe a discrimination issue facing your workplace (you can focus on discrimination based on race, religion, ability, national origin, age, sex, etc.)

2. Propose a training session to address the problem. Be sure to detail:

· Explain the 
 (routine/annual training, training conducted in response to a violation, etc.) and 
 (executive leadership team, hiring managers, low-level managers, employees/staff, etc.) for the training

· Include a 
 of the training

· Include anticipated costs (time, etc.) and benefits (to the company, individual, etc.) of the training


To: Fly Eagles Fly, Inc Employees


Date: 1100-1300 Conference Room

Subject: Equal Opportunity Training

Due to recent events involving perceived racial, age, and national origin discrimination in the workplace. We will

hold our annual training Equal Opportunity earlier than usual. To curb any discrimination and stereotypes among our diverse

workplace all departments will cease operations to conduct training in two separate groups so that everyone can participate.

All employees (30) will be paid during this training event

Our training will be held in our conference room and will draw at random 15 participants to play various roles in

what we call the “Life Raft Exercise”. Each of the participants will draw a card from a hat and will be assigned roles and

asked to sit on a “sinking boat” in the center of the room. When the exercise begins each individual will read their card to the

group in the boat and plead their case to stay on the boat or risk being voted off and kicked off the boat. Each role player will

have role that identifies them by their race, religion, national origin, age, sex, along with their minor details of their

occupations and social class within society.

Example Roles- One card will read “Luis, Hispanic, ex-felon, current age 59”, another is “Zachary, Caucasian,

current age 17, charming, is creative and a handyman” another will read “Shyann, current age 55, fitness trainer and is HIV

positive”, “Bob, current age 45, is a doctor and dives as a hobby”, and last example reads “Maddie, Asian, current age 30,

mother of three boys, stay at home mom”. After everyone has introduced themselves, the timer starts and every 3 minutes the

group must decide who gets thrown out of the sinking ship and will negotiate with the group to stay on as long as they can.

At the end of the exercise, groups will read the alternate information provided for each role. Teams will find that

Zachery may seem charming but is out on bail for suspected robbery of local retirement center, Luis although an ex-felon is

an entrepreneur that works with major corporations to feed lower income families and offer kids free sneakers for sports, and

Bob the doctor, recently lost his license due to abusing unconscious patients and drinking during surgeries. Teams discover

that everyone must understand the importance of looking below the surface and asking the right questions to fully grasp the

important of who a person really is, without making judgment of initial impressions. During the training event, every team

member will understand how it feels to be discriminated against based on their perceived social status. At the end we will

discuss the importance of minimizing workplace discrimination and appropriate measures to avoid stereotypes and thinking

traps to cease recent incidents in our working environment.

T: 914-420-6699 W: flyeaglesfly.com

Fly Eagles Fly, Inc

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This study source was downloaded by 100000820035470 from CourseHero.com on 01-21-2022 18:04:13 GMT -06:00

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TO: CEO, Fly Eagles Fly, Inc.
FROM: HR Manager
DATE: October 31, 2021
SUBJECT: Anti-Discrimination Training

This memo is to address an issue that has been raised within the company pertaining to discrimination
based on sexual orientation, to address this issue we are proposing quarterly Anti-Discrimination Training
verses annually, for all employees. Attendance is mandatory for all employed by Fly Eagles Fly, Inc.

Recommend training session will be held online and in person, for employees without computer access,
on the first Wednesday of every quarter.

Anti-Discrimination training will consist of the following:
 What is sexual Orientation discrimination?

Different treatment

 Non-Discrimination Federal Policy/Company Policy and Laws
 Filling a Claim and Disciplinary actions
 Steps to prevent discrimination in the workplace
 Overview

Options for Anti-Discrimination Training:
 In Person Training

Trainer: Latoya Diggs, IRS Labors and Relations Director
Date: First Wednesday of every quarter
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Location: Training Room

 Self-paced Online
Company Learning System: Skillsoft
Date: First Wednesday of every quarter
Time: Self-paced (2 Hours)

This training program will have an estimated cost of $5,000 annually, which will cover the sitting
allowances, venues preparation, speaker’s wages, and Company Learning System. Mrs. Diggs is an
experienced Human Resource consultant and IRS Labors and Relations Director, with ten years of
experience in the field. She has also been part of the national anti-discrimination campaign and has been
training multiple organizations for 5 years.

Benefits from the training will aim to promote unity in the organization and encourage personnel to
embrace their colleagues’. As well as provide a positive and productive work environment all while
increasing employee and customer satisfaction. I have confidence that the program will have a positive
impact in solving the anti-discrimination problem.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please feel free to contact me at

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