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You need to be aware of the intertwining nature of management and leadership as you look for a management position. Traditionally, leadership is viewed as a subset of management. Management without leadership lacks inspiration to drive change. Employers generally include management skills and leadership expectations within job applications and descriptions.

Open your web browser and search for a management position within health care. You can also search in your local newspaper or job board. Use the following keywords when completing your search online:

· “management positions in health care”

· “health care administrator positions”

· “health care management”

Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary that addresses the following:

· Using the job description or requirements of the jobs you searched, explain the skills and characteristics required for each of the following:

· Identify keywords found within the job posting that represent a management skill or characteristic.

· Identify keywords found within the job posting that represent a leadership skill or characteristic.

· Explain what characteristics are found in a leader.

· What are the traits of an effective leader?

· How do these traits support you in becoming an effective leader in a management position?

· Examine the relationship between personal characteristics and effective leadership.

· How does an individual’s perspective influence their leadership style?

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following prompts:

· Create a wordle using keywords that represent the characteristics of a leader.

· You may use research like your textbook, weekly readings, and the internet.

· Share your wordle and describe why you identified those skills and characteristics of a leader.


RESPONSE 1: characteristics of a leader:

· Patient

· Problem-solver

· Motivated

· Honest

· Determined

· Creative

· Decisive

· Trustworthy

· Great communicator

· Positive outlook

· Purposeful

· Agile

· Emotional intelligence

· Confident

· Accountable

Why you identified those skills and characteristics of a leader? As a leader you have to be able to have these characteristics to be able to lead a good time. Some of the most important leadership characteristics, found in people who do a great job of leading a team and getting things done, include patience, humility, fortitude, fairness, a sense of vision, and being. A true leader is someone who brings people together to get things done.

They rely not on power over others, but on other people’s genuine trust. They build trust with people, facilitating collaboration and bringing everyone together as a team to reach a common goal.

A leader has vision. A desire to build something, to bring something new into the world. They also have the empathy and understanding to forge strong connections with others, keeping everyone on the right path.

The good news is that leadership skills can be learned, practiced, and mastered.



Self aware




Non-judge mental






Mentioned above are a few of the most important characteristics that are needed in a healthcare leader. I think it is common to forget about how much responsibility and how much work it takes to be a leader of any sort especially a healthcare leader. Throughout the last year and a half of a weird period of time in our world, our healthcare leaders have been pushed to the max with stress and putting their leadership skills to the test. When I read this discussion post and what we were supposed to write about I instantly thought about my health care manager that I work for part time and what she has done in since March of 2020 to make COVID-19 the smoothest it could’ve possibly been. The character trait of having good communication skills is one of the most important characteristic traits in my opinion. Traits such as being empathetic and being loyal are the types of traits that makes your staff feel comfortable and allows them to be more communicative and willing to come forward.

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