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n RES860, you completed an annotated bibliography that had at least 10 sources. In this Discussion Board (DB), you will discuss how you will use the 


In RES860 an annotated bibliography was completed. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources that have been found about a research project that includes a brief overview of the source with a written analysis and the source attached to the list. (Annotated Bibliography, 2022) This is a great resource for us as we continue developing our research trio and research prospectus.

What are you most excited about as you expand your annotated bibliography?

                I am most excited about being able to organize my sources. It will also help me see what sources are useful for my research and what ones do not need to be included in my lit review. I am also excited because it will help locate other researchers who may have an interest in the same topic, and I might be able to connect with them. This would be huge to the overall research field.

What have you learned about your topic(s) and subtopic(s) related to your proposed research topic?

                Through working on my annotated bibliography, I have learned that there is a lot of information on patient registration errors specific to departments and surgical teams, but not front desk teams. I have also learned that many have noted registration errors to be a huge cause for concern of patient safety. That first entrance of information, if wrong, can lead to many errors in care, medication, treatment, surgery, or aftercare. These errors can then lead to sentinel events for patients. Sentinel events are events that cause the patient, facility, caregivers, and families catastrophic results or life-altering results that either lead to death or a reduced quality of life. (Sanderson, 2019)

How close do you feel you are to mastering the topics and subtopics related to your proposed research topic?

                While no one ever really masters anything these days as learning is always occurring and innovative ideas and inventions come to be, I do feel that I am a master of my research topic. Not only through research, but through my career and events and experiences in my personal life that have resulted from this very topic. I do know that as I continue to research, I continue to find new reasons for the errors and new ways of preventing the errors. Not necessarily new information to me but put into a practical way that helps me define my research and my suggestions on fixing the problem.

What will you do to close the gap between where you are now and full mastery? Give dates or time frames when you will take this action?

                To close the gap between where I am now and full mastery, I will continue to research my topic. Daily I will continue to find new articles that help show the gap in my topic and the need for further research. I will weekly look to add no less than one new annotated bibliography to my list. Within these next two months, I will look to add ten additional resources. By the one year left a mark before graduation, August 2022, I will look to have an annotated bibliography of no less than 50 resources. This is a great starting point as it will show lots of research went into it and fifty solid resources specific to my study will be the result.

                By August of 2022 I plan to have chapters 1 and 2 fully written of my dissertation in a rough draft, yet most complete form. I will also have my permissions from participants and facilities complete and my questions for my survey/discussion board complete before August of 2022 so I can present them to the facilities for review before using them to avoid any issues with HIPAA. My goal by August 2022 is to have complete proficiency in my topic so that I can begin my observation research and participant research to further analyze my problem statement and show what is needed to help avoid those patient registration errors.


                Having this discussion board has helped me focus on what I need to plan for to complete my dissertation. I would like to complete a full rough draft of my dissertation by February of 2023. This will leave me six months to make any necessary changes, get peer-reviewed on it before full-on submission and presentation to the board. I am excited to finally get started on putting things together and look forward to continuing the journey in this class.



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