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40-50 pages

Model Leveraged for Explanation and Relevant Literature

Running Head: THEORY 1



Unit 1 IP, worth 100pts due 29 Sep 21, required the following:

Reading tasks:

· Suddaby, R., Hardy, C., & Huy, Q. (2011). Where are the new theories of organization? Academy Of Management Review, 36(2), 236–246. doi:10.5465/AMR.2011.59330875.

· Shepherd, D. A., & Sutcliffe, K. M. (2011). Inductive top-down theorizing: A source of new theories of organization. Academy Of Management Review, 36(2), 361–380. doi:10.5465/AMR.2011.59330952. Business Sources Complete

· Pryor, M., Humphreys, J. H., Oyler, J., Taneja, S., & Toombs, L. A. (2011). The legitimacy and efficacy of current organizational theory: An analysis. International Journal of Management, 28(4), 209–228. ABI Inform

· Stead, B. (1972). Berlo’s communication process model as applied to the behavioral theories of Maslow, Herzberg, and McGregor. Academy of Management Journal, 15(3), 389–394. doi:10.2307/254868. Business Source Complete

For access to the CTU library, use the LIBRARY or the Doctoral Library.

Leverage the above references to answer the following questions:

· How does organizational theory relate to the real world?

· What are the implications of organizational theory for change managers?

· What are the implications of organizational theory for employees?

· How are public organizations different than private organizations?


Your submission (5 pages, submitted 29 Sep 21, due 29 Sep 21), included a narrative for the IP. You included the concept of organizational theory to describe workplace applicability. You further included examples including that of organizational change managers, employee, and public versus private employees (and organizations). You also mentioned in theory workplace perspectives linked directly to leadership action and change management overall.

Practically, and as we know from the readings and literature, there is no “one-size-fits-all” model for all change interventions or even large-scale change options. On a side note, and in the interest of organizational theory and change, we are all inter-connected, and COVID 19 has shown the world that connection. It has affected jobs, profits, organizational structures, workflows, employee motivation, leader/manager participation, and a host of other organizational functions and ways of doing things. In essence, it has affected many organizational cultures. Change managers are now tasked to put the pieces back together in organizations, taking into consideration both internal and external factors (COVID 19 was external, and it affected internal factors such as employees, tasks, leadership, policies, teleworking policy, and several HR functions). What will likely change the most is how employees react and how they will want to be treated in the future—safety and valuing their inputs (you mentioned both) and presence in the workplace. One of the most likely changes are how employee are treated through teleworking. This now changes the work landscape and how we go forward likely teleworking—the new norm for those jobs which allow it.

Thank you for the submission, in-text citations, references, outlining of the paper, and narrative. I noted various formatting issues throughout the paper—it needs some minor revision. There were numerous citation issues throughout, mostly from which reference the writing came from. Also please check headings, citations, references, and paragraph structure for future IPs, as they will be longer and more related to the literature. Please see my comments within the attached document in the margins and within text (track changes)—I made some recommended edits throughout but these need to be found/corrected with a review before submission. Also recommend looking at APA 7th for formatting [headings] and spacing issues. As a recommendation, most papers would have each paragraph containing 3-5 sentences per paragraph, with at least 2 different citations per paragraph; also if the first paragraph is cited [should be for a statement of fact, then everything that follows is from that citation, unless there is a new citation/reference]—academically, and in the dissertation process mode, hope this helps with future submissions. Thanks again for the submission.

Dr. Jaime Sampayo

Grade: 92

Organizational Theory Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Solid format.

Ivette Clark

Colorado Technical University

Dr. Jaime Sampayo

Organizational Strategy & Design


28 Sep 21

An organization is one that is defined as an assembly of individuals who work together on order to achieve an objective that is common via division of labor. In addition, organizations provide means of utilizing personal strengths in a group with an aim of achieving more than what can get accomplished by the efforts that are aggregate of members of a group functioning individually. The bBusiness organizations are created mainly to deliver services or goods to the consumers in a manner that they can realize a profit after the transaction is completed. As time goes, economists, business analysts as well as academic researchers have ended up adopting various theories that aim at explaining that business organizations dynamics, that is inclusive of the ways in which organizations end up making decisions, distributing power as well as control, resolving conflicts in addition to resisting or promoting institutional change (Pryor, et.al, 2011). Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Citation needed for factual statement. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Spacing between paragraphs should be double spacing without automatic spacing.

The studies of organizational theory provide a focus that is interdisciplinary on the social organization’s effects on the attitudes and behavior of people in the organization, the individual characteristics effects as well as action on an organization and success, survival as well as performance of an organization. Fourth focus is on the environment’s mutual effects, inclusive of task and resource, cultural and political environments on the institutions and vice versa. Fifth is concerns with the methodology in addition to epistemology that are responsible for undergirding research on every single topic. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Citation needed.

Among the different organizational theories that are considered to have been researched, the theory of open systems has emerged to be the one that is known extensively, however, the rest also have their own proponents. Several researchers focusing on organizational theory tend to propound a blending of theories with the argument that a business will end up embracing varying organizational strategies to react to changes within its structural design, experiences as well as competitive situations. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Citations needed for this paragraph.

Organizational theory gets to study organizations mainly to identify the methods they use to solve their problems as well as the way they maximize productivity as well as efficiency. It is used in defining the applications as well as value of organizational theory from a point of view of the business. Application of organizational theory in an appropriate manner can have various benefits for the society in addition to the organization. Developments within the firm may help in boosting economic potential within a society as well as help in generating the essential tools to facilitate its system that is capitalistic. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Need to know where these ideas came from. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Citation needed.

Immediately an institution identifies an expansion window, it starts to develop, hence changing the economic equilibrium through ensuring it catapults itself forward. This expansion ends up inducing changes within the infrastructure of the organization as well as within its competitors in addition to the economy in general. This is because, while most organizations make efforts to have themselves integrated into societies that are capitalistic, they end up initiating an effect that is ripple in between additional competing organizations in addition to economic pressure that is already in existence (Suddaby, et.al, 2011). Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Is all this from one source or different sources; need to clarify.

Through the expansion window, the firm can develop through the production of additional products which results into alterations within the economic equilibrium, via catapulting itself towards a production environment that is new. These changes affect the company and the entire economy. Different companies end up observing these developments that are innovative and have them efficiently recreated. In addition, the essence of organization theory is to identify structures and sequences used by businesses in meeting the expectations of their stakeholders. Afterwards, the theory makes use of these same trends in formulating theories that are normative on how companies end up functioning at their best. Due to this, it is possible to note that organizational theory is utilized to learn the ways that are most suitable in running a company or identify companies that tend to be managed in such a manner that they have high probabilities of becoming successful. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: What are the sources from which this information comes from; is it one source or different references? Need to annotate and clarify.

For instance, an example on how development within theory of an organization enhances efficiency is within the factory production. Henry Ford got to create the assembly line, an organization system enabling efficiency which drove the United States as well as Ford economy forward. The factory production concept is known for amplifying production in general and enabled the company to have labor division to begin with. In addition, it had the workforce facets centralized and started having the trade as well as production rules defined which later resulted into specialization. Henry Ford was able to implement designs that are innovative through having the factory production modified alongside creation of the assembly line, which to date is still utilized within most factories in the contemporary society. These developments ease the process for a firm to produce, hence making the companies that are incentive to aggregate as well as use methods that are more efficient to run their businesses.

Implication for change managers

The organizational theory is also capable of helping a firm to identify the corporate practice that is malicious then utilize them in highlighting future measures that are precautionary. An environment that is static is capable of rapidly antiquating a company. Therefore, the issue of change is constant and a requirement that is essential for institutions bro remain competitive as well as survive within this global economy that is volatile. The organizational theory for change managers may help them in streamlining business procedures to eliminate groups or redundant systems. Nevertheless, it can have consequences that are negative. It enables managers in minimizing the impacts that are negative, this is because strategic change within a company is supposed to always aim at achieving improvement within the business as well as the performance of employees. At the end, the overall process of change is supposed to reflect a situation that is win-win for the company as well as the workers (Shepherd and Sutcliffe, 2011). Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Need to clarify if this paragraph is from one source or different ones? Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Citation needed.

Implication of organizational theory on the employees

Employees tend to show resistance to change since they fear losing their job or been forced to take up extra responsibilities that the employee might be unequipped or unqualified to tackle. The organizational theory enables use of inspiring as well as encouraging techniques into implementation of change demonstrating to the employee that they are been forced to take part in the change, they should accept it as an integral part of the change process. An organization theory helps in making an employee feel as if they are contributors who are significant in the environment of work place each time, they are a part of a revolution that is successful. There are various organizational changes that need key restructuring, leading into life changes that are rapid for different employees. Organization theory helps in identifying issues that may affect the employees negatively in case of a change, these include loss of benefits, salary cuts, job positions downgrading and job relocation among others. It helps in addressing the factors effectively for the benefit of the employees. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Need to reference this paragraph, as the information therein came from somewhere and this needs to be cited/referenced. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Citation needed.

Differences between public and private organizations Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Ensure headings are in APA 7th format.

The private as well as public sectors a times partner with an aim of completing goals, like transportation or construction projects. Nevertheless, both sectors tend to have some differences that are significant. These include: Comment by Jaime Sampayo: This paragraph needs to be cited; if it all comes form one source, then the first line needs to be cited as such. Also, if it is all from one source, it is basically a summary of the readings.

The difference that is most significant in between public as well as private organizations is mainly the ownership of the companies. The public firms they are controlled as well as owned by the government. On the other hand, the private organizations are managed as well as owned by people or private firms. The public organizations serve mainly with an aim of benefiting the public through providing services. On the other hand, private organizations have an aim of making profits. Third difference is that, with public organizations they get financial support as well as financing from the government. The financing may result from indirect as well as direct taxes. With the private organizations, they might get some funding support, though practically, they finance themselves through use of revenues, taking out loans or issuance of their shares. When it comes to employment, employees who work in the public organizations, tend to work for maybe local, federal as well as state governments and agencies that are public. They have salaries that are paid for typically by the tax dollars. Within the private organizations, people work for businesses that are owned privately, the profits made by the organization pays the salaries of their employees (Stead, 1972).

References Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Good references, solid spacing/formatting.

Pryor, M., Humphreys, J. H., Oyler, J., Taneja, S., & Toombs, L. A. (2011). The legitimacy and efficacy of current organizational theory: An analysis. International Journal of Management, 28(4), 209–228. ABI Inform

Suddaby, R., Hardy, C., & Huy, Q. (2011). Where are the new theories of organization? Academy Of Management Review, 36(2), 236–246. Doi:10.5465/AMR.2011.59330875.

Shepherd, D. A., & Sutcliffe, K. M. (2011). Inductive top-down theorizing: A source of new theories of organization. Academy Of Management Review, 36(2), 361–380. Doi:10.5465/AMR.2011.59330952. Business Sources Complete

Stead, B. (1972). Berlo’s communication process model as applied to the behavioral theories of Maslow, Herzberg, and McGregor. Academy of Management Journal, 15(3), 389–394. Doi:10.2307/254868.




Unit 2 IP, worth 100pts, due 13 Oct 21 required the following:

This paper of 15 pages is an organization assessment (12-point font, double spaced, and 1-inch margin). The purpose is to assess the organization’s design elements by leveraging an organizational design (OD) model. Your research here will be the foundation for Paper 2 or the suggested changes for the organization design to improve organization effectiveness. Your paper should contain the following sections:

· Abstract

· Introduction to the Organization (current state)

· Proposed Assessment Areas

· Model

· Discussion Sections of Organization Design (mission, vision, structure, strategy, processes, systems, culture, etc.)

· Next Steps for Paper 2

· Conclusion


Your submission (17 pages, submitted 13 Oct 21, due 13 Oct 21) included the essential outline and elements of the assignment task. You covered each of the areas and you have a solid topic—a place where you can evaluate change and the change process. The place selected (ELClarks Photography Business) will provide you an excellent laboratory to implement change. In your submission, you covered each of the outlined portions, so thank you for the outlined submission and paper, which covered the exact process. You covered each of these: Abstract, Introduction to the Organization (current state), Proposed Assessment Areas, Model, Discussion Sections of Organization Design (mission, vision, structure, strategy, processes, systems, culture, etc.—these should be expanded later for the next paper), Next Steps for Paper 2, and Conclusion. Thank you for including and explaining a section on the model to be used for the change process (Hybrid Model and Appreciative Inquiry). These sections will include the models you will be using to implement the change process and a detailed analysis of how the models apply to the organization area(s) of assessment. This section will include additional references on the literature related to the models mentioned (Hybrid Model and Appreciative Inquiry).

With regard to the mechanics, context, grammar, and sentence formatting (plus paragraph context flow), the paper was solid in the areas of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and paragraph structure. For doctoral academic evidence-based writing, each paragraph should be 3 to 5 sentences with at least 2 different references per paragraph. Please see my comments within the text of the submission and attached. There are comments in the margins and within the text. Thank you for the in-text citations. I made some comments on formatting, spacing (double space throughout without automatic spacing within and between paragraphs) between paragraphs and comments on grammar and context, plus where to include citations (i.e., with statements of facts). If you have a statement of fact, there should be a citation, which matches to one of the references. Please see my comments on citations within text. Overall, this work was well done and please continue to research and write, particularly in the areas of the models—Hybrid Model and Appreciative Inquiry—and Discussion Sections. Thank you for the in-text citations and references.

Dr. Jaime Sampayo

Grade: 95

ELClarks Photography Business Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Solid format.

Colorado Technical University

Organizational Strategy & Design


Dr. Jaime Sampayo

Unit 2 IP

12 Oct 21

ELClarks Photography Business


The paper discusses about the assessment of the ELClarks Photography Business based on various elements that include the its mission, vision, strategy, systems, processes, model, structure, and culture. These aspects are discussed in detail to understand the company’s position of the company currently in the photography industry and the challenges that it encounters. Based on the assessment, several issues were highlighted that include having a good mission and vision statements that are aligned with overall company direction, to see what needs improvement. have limited errors and misalignment and need the company consider improving. The strategies that ELClarks Photography Business has implemented include developing a good reputation and relying on the local processes that include network that works effectively through networking, evaluating recommendations, and overseeing referrals. The issues that needed to be addressed include having in place the customer relationship management system including considering customer service,. that ensure that the photography business have a close communication to understand the needs of the customer to deliver quality services. The model that is best is hybrid that incorporates recent technology and the usual art of books and wall.

Introduction to ELClarks Photography Business (Current State)

ELClarks Photography is a well-known San Antonio, Texas, wedding photographer company. For this photographer, building a strong relationship with each couple is as important as creating a collection of creative photographs that reflect their lovely and exotic connections. With a focus on preserving priceless moments by capturing the true essence of their recognized celebration, this photographer serves the well-known San Antonio area and major surrounding places. Proprietor Eddie Clark is a well-known photographer in the field who is also the proud owner of this company. Having successfully created this business in 2009, Eddie Clark has had the distinct luxury of working with devoted couples and capturing priceless moments in time. It is a knowledge of photography and catching every crucial moment as it happens under Eddie Clark’s leadership. Whenever couples visit the ELClarks Photography Business, they always find a large choice of wedding services and packages to choose from. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Citation needed here from their website or database.

Many organizations have lay off employees or reduced the number of employees they have because to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some businesses have even closed their doors permanently because of the reduced number of employees. Several suppliers have halted production, galleries have closed, and countless photographers have lost their jobs as a result. ELClarks Photography Business has also faced the same challenges in terms of decline in business activities forcing them lay off some of the staff and photographers to ensure that the business is operational by meeting the overhead costs. The decline in revenue during the pandemic in ELClarks Photography Business is caused by the fact that people have lost jobs and business activities that generate revenue and during this pandemic period and their focus is to meet their basic needs (Navarro et al., 2020). In addition, events being cancelled or postponed has had a knock-on effect on the photographic sector as well and this is what has hit ELClarks Photography Business. Several changes have been spurred by the COVID-19 epidemic in the photography industry, and ELClarks Photography Business will have to identify their own insecurities and inefficiencies to go forward and earn income in the future.

There is good news for the ELClarks Photography Business and the photography professionals because the economy is improving after the increasing vaccination exercise that is likely to open the economy and opportunities and reduce the COVID-19 restrictions. Through spreading awareness, documenting experiences, and disseminating guidelines, the media has served as an important communication tool during the pandemic. ELClarks Photography Business was forced to have Diverse photographers that have created bodies of work that explore what it is like to live in a lockdown situation, experiment with the technique, and even create new business prospects for themselves. ELClarks Photography Business during the pandemic period have decided to focus on outdoor events that are preferred in the approach of avoiding the pandemic spread that is mostly high in unventilated locations, but the outdoor ones have high ventilation that promote the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new COVID-19 pandemic has had a considerable influence on the economy, and it will take some time for ELClarks Photography Business to fully recover from the repercussions. The photography industry, among others, has been impacted, and the already dwindling camera market has photographers all over the world suffering in this time of uncertainty. It is safe to forecast that the photography industry will have a long path to recovery, but only if sensible and planned movements are made. ELClarks Photography Business needs to consider diversifying and consider e-commerce and online marketing to reach to more customers at this challenging period where people are deciding to remain within their homesteads (McKay, 2018). ELClarks Photography Business has planned to venture in various events and activities that has not been doing in the past and consider it as an important source of income during the period where people are facing financial challenges and consider photography as a secondary or luxurious need. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: A new normal.

Hybrid Model Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Great model, continue to expand on this for the next paper.

The hybrid model is an emerging business concept for the modern world. Photographers let their clients buy digital packages and/or items. Many photographers offer a digital version of the photographs that have been purchased as wall art or in a book. This is a win for both sides, as you can run a thriving business, supply heirlooms, and the client gets digitals for social media & their phones. The business model ensures that the ELClarks Photography Business makes double profits during wedding events where their clients can keep both in the wall art and books and have copies in their digital devices (McKay, 2018). The kind of hybrid technique play a key role since the society is changing and there is an introduction of much digital photography that is needed and there are people that still value the traditional technique in terms of book art and wall art. There are those that needed the digital pictures and clips that are posted on the social media platforms for social interactions. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Citation needed here.

Design Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Here will want to include the current hierarchy chart for the company.


Effective strategic leaders like Howard Schultz have a wide range of skills and qualities that set them apart from ineffective strategic leaders. You must be able to motivate staff to put in extra effort to help your company operate better. ELClarks Photography Business has done a significant contribution towards motivating the photographers to deliver but there are still gaps in terms providing the employees with their needs to deliver in a better way (Edwards, 2021). ELClarks Photography Business lacks the strategic leaders that are effective and able to persuade their people especially the photographers to set extraordinary goals and work towards those goals to drive the firm ahead. The challenge of leadership was evident during the onset of the COVID-19 where Poor strategic leaders, on the other hand, find it difficult to unite their workforce and drive it in a constructive direction.

The challenge resulted to a forced laying off the staff due to the pandemic that came unexpectedly showing that there was no proper planning for future risks and a slow response to the risks because they would have diversified to avoid laying off staff at a challenging time. When it comes to motivating employees, a company’s vision is one of the most effective tools accessible to management. The vision of a company is a statement of what the company aspires to be in the future. Visions that have been carefully crafted express the objectives of a company. The goal of ELClarks Photography Business is to offer superb service, unique photographs and heirloom quality products at an affordable price make all the world’s information easily searchable and usable (Edwards, 2021). The vision of ELClarks Photography Business is to capture your best moments. The vision and the mission of ELClarks Photography Business are well structured and highlight the determination and the strategy towards achieving a large market share. The ELClarks Photography Business has become a Texas known photography business that puts the interest of the customers high by making sure that they use the best quality cameras that deliver the best outcome. The challenge that is there in the developed vision is the fact that it has failed to illustrate the best way to be followed by the employees to deliver the promised quality.

Regarding ELClarks Photography Business objective, the company highlights the issue of affordability as an important approach in attracting more customers and it worked significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic where people have lost their income and found that the company prices are favorable. It is a succinct yet impactful phrase that highlights numerous goals that are vital to ELClarks Photography Business, such as providing excellent customer service and setting ambitious standards for both its people and its services. People, services, Place, Price, and Promotion are at the center of our photography business strategy known as the Plan to Win, which guides our operations within Texas. For this reason, we are dedicated to always improving the client experience. Every member of the organization must be inspired by this statement’s vision before it can be effective. As a result of establishing such broad objectives, it is possible that front-line and operational staff may not be able to relate to or connect with the goals, and thus will get disengaged. There is a communication gap between the executive management and the staff in ELClarks Photography Business that makes it challenging to effectively translate and implement the high-level goals into practical tasks and this makes the company to get much competition from other upcoming photography companies (Edwards, 2021). There is the need to create a seamless communication that would motivate the employees to deliver quality services. Management must, of course, be willing to walk the talk.

Based on the assessment of the ELClarks Photography Business indicated that there was a challenge in the process for the chief executives in producing a compelling vision. There is a believe that an intense sense of vision for a company like ELClarks Photography Business is the most significant feature that good strategic leaders are expected to have but it was lacking for ELClarks Photography Business. The ELClarks Photography Business executive admitted they had major misgivings about their own capacity to produce a vision. It is no surprise that a large number of businesses lack formal vision statements (Edwards, 2021). Despite ELClarks Photography Business having a clear goal, many companies find that their staff is unwilling to accept and work toward that vision. Therefore, having a well-formulated vision that is embraced by staff can provide a company an edge over its competitors.


“Our mission is to provide superb unique mix of photography service, photographs that you’ll appreciate as well as a pleasurable time in front of the camera at an affordable price.” If an organization is to succeed, it needs the support of important stakeholders including employees, owners, suppliers, and customers. ELClarks Photography Business has considered the highlighted needs where customers feel that their contribution to the success of the company is appreciated through good services in terms of pictures. The mission statement is developed to engage stakeholders, and this will make them understand why they should support the organization and what significant role or purpose the organization serves in society. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Citation needed here.

ELClarks Photography Business has complied to the regulatory requirements to operate in the market and that include having the license and this is what makes the business highlights that it operates legally (Edwards, 2021). Through numerous strategic initiatives, the company continues to fulfill its objective, including the provision of its good customer and photography services to the clients those books for services online. We stand stronger together than we are apart, as Aesop famously said thousands of years ago. In this approach, the relationship between vision and mission can be better understood. If the vision and mission of the organization are fragmented by focusing on multiple domains, executives are asking for difficulties. The mission and vision statements for ELClarks Photography Business is well structured and they relate, and this is what has kept the company operations and successful for a prolonged period (Edwards, 2021). There is the need for ELClarks Photography Business to consider in future sharing a vision and mission statements that highlights the processes that are followed to meet the goals that they indicate to focus on.


Most aspiring photographers work as individual proprietors. When you start a photography business, you are forming an entity under the laws of the United States. So, even though you are the single shareholder and owner, your company and you are separate entities. ELClarks Photography Business is a sole proprietor business under the ownership of Eddie Clark that was determined in developing memories for his couple of customers. Eddie was determined in targeting couple as his main customers since the onset of its business in 2009. The ELClarks Photography Business by Eddie started as one person business since he was an excellent photographer and decided to involve other photographers and staff with the intention of serving more clients that he himself cannot handle. Eddie is a sole owner of the business and is the one that takes the benefits that is generated from the business and losses when encountered especially during this period of the pandemic where events are cancelled. Eddie has established a strong management that has contributed to the success of the ELClarks Photography Business in Texas, and its strong competitive advantage is contributed by the fact that Eddie is a professional photographer and understands the quality of services that his clients need. ELClarks Photography Business has a solid foundation and structure where Eddie had already developed a strong customer base and had a strong vision and passion for the success of the company. Eddie was the manager and considered hiring other management team to ensure that they serve a bigger market share.


Using Personal Network

Nobody wants to be that obnoxious marketer who is continually trying to sell their products or services to people they know. Photographers who are afraid to work with people they have grown to trust may go too far the other way and never use their skills. Eddie in ELClarks Photography Business has succeed in building a personal network that ensured that he worked with other photographers to have a successful photography business in the market. Eddie’s personal network is the most valuable resource that made him make the decision to start out the business in the photography industry (Trevor & Varcoe, 2018). ELClarks Photography Business made a considerable progress because Eddie understood the market so well and implemented the local network strategy where he understood his previous customers that led to more referrals that are contributed by the quality work that he delivered to the clients. There is always a demand for the photography services and that is the reason during weddings or event photography, the photographers need to display their talent and good services that result to the word-of-mouth promotion. Eddie succeeded in using the strategy but became a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic when wedding events were cancelled.

Taking Advantage of Local Marketing

These days, social media comes up automatically whenever the word “marketing” is spoken and ELClarks Photography Business has succeeded to adopt the strategy in its operations, and it has intensified during the pandemic where people have postponed their weeding claiming that they lack the funds to finance it. Although social media is critical, it should be considered just as an afterthought when developing a marketing strategy to succeed in the photography business. ELClarks Photography Business considered first the neighborhood during marketing planning to make sure that they develop a positive reputation about the company (Trevor & Varcoe, 2018). Involving the neighborhood is a way of promoting the photography business and ELClarks Photography Business has tried to achieve that but there is a gap of giving back to the community that would have promoted a compelling reputation through corporate social responsibility.

Application of New and Incoming Technologies Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Yes, most applicable.

The state of technology is always evolving. It is critical to investigate new prospects, assess the potential financial rewards for your company, and produce innovative ways to put those that look promising into action. ELClarks Photography Business should consider adopting the strategy in entirety because the company has not been consistent in adoption of recent technology and at times does not put the effort required for the technology to succeed (Trevor & Varcoe, 2018). ELClarks Photography Business believes that they should not waste their time or money on something that will not save time or money overall. There is a challenge to evaluate the value that technology brings to business. The internet is critical in today’s world. ELClarks Photography Business has implemented the use of the social media for business operations but there was a gap that was filled during the Covid-19 pandemic where most of its operations was conducted online on reaching to most potential couple clients. There was much effort and resources that are needed to adopt the seamless and effective technology for ELClarks Photography Business, and this is what poses a challenge in the implementation of technology. E-commerce is what ELClarks Photography Business should put more resources on and leverage the social media platforms by developing a more reputable brand that can be followed and allow people to book sessions through the company website (Trevor & Varcoe, 2018). ELClarks Photography Business should consider hiring a social media marketing team that would make sure that the brand is marketed beyond San Antonio, Texas to achieve a bigger market share.

Reputation for Quality Service

Eddie Clark need to include last name is a hardworking and skilled photographer that initiated the ELClarks Photography Business and has built his reputation in serving the community within San Antonio and is well-known for his quality services. The development of a positive reputation on the photography services has made it possible for ELClarks Photography Business to succeed in the market since the customers already understand the excellent work that he does. The development of the company has a good foundation that Eddie Clark has created and there is a belief that the team and staff that he would work with him would learn the best skills and determination that he has in the field of photography (Trevor & Varcoe, 2018). The reputation is an important promotional tool that led to the success of ELClarks Photography Business in San Antonio, Texas.


ELClarks Company Culture

San Antonio and its neighboring areas are the focus of our work as an established wedding photography company. Clients may expect us to provide them with a high-quality album of pictures that is both dependable and competitive. Most of the events we cover are weddings. When it comes to covering events, we always look for fresh perspectives so that we can provide our clients with a well-rounded and unique product.

Unbiased coverage and accuracy of information during events

Wedding photographers at ELClarks photography are bound by an ethical code that forbids them from allowing governments, political parties, or any other entity with ideological, financial, or partisan interests to influence their work. As a result, when disseminating our services, we strive for the greatest levels of information accuracy, timeliness, and objectivity. ELClarks expects its photographers and contributors to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct. The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) has issued the following code of ethics, and we expect its members to adhere to it (Navarro et al., 2020). ELClarks photography during photographing or recording clients are thorough and give the customers an opportunity to give a description of the kind of services they need. The ELClarks photography demonstrated the utmost ethical values where they protect the client information and pictures and avoids issues of discrimination stereotypes when offering services. Understand and prevent presenting one’s own prejudices in the work of others by recognizing and working to avoid this. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Citation needed here.

There is a challenge of ELClarks photography in serving a wider population at this point because they still have a limited staff and has not focused on a global market (Trevor & Varcoe, 2018). ELClarks photography under Eddie’s leadership has highlighted a tremendous growth in terms of handling events in a more professional way since he has the experience as a photographer and must adhere to the customer preferences and needs. ELClarks photography management ensures that pictures and shots taken in a wedding event is not altered in any way while being photographed. Photographic photographs should be edited by ELClarks photography professionals so that their substance and context are not corrupted.

Respect of intellectual property and protection of our sources

Every day, we face copyright questions and/or constraints as ELClarks photography company because our product is original creative work created by our team members. It is critical to us that intellectual property rights are safeguarded at all costs (McKay, 2018). All our images have proper attribution given to them. We also provide accurate information about the places where they were taken.

Employees’ and contributors’ safety first

All legal rules for workplace safety are, of course, followed by ELClarks. The ELClarks photography staff is known to always put their own safety first and to avoid taking unwarranted risks while working for ELClarks. ELClarks makes safety gear available to his photographers when and when it is needed. During this COVID-19 pandemic is where Eddie trained the staff and educated them about the preventive approaches to minimize the spread of the pandemic and protect the employees and clients during wedding photo shoots (McKay, 2018). The ELClarks photography provided all the protective gear that included the masks, sanitizers and currently ensuring staff are vaccinated. If the photographers have any concerns regarding the safety of an assignment, they anticipate and encouraged to speak with their supervisors (Navarro et al., 2020). Any assignment that poses a safety risk should be avoided at all costs, even covering an event if safety concerns prevent you from doing so. This is completely appropriate and will not result in any criticism or fines. A photographer’s assignment can be canceled by ELClarks editorial management against his or her will if it considers the photographer’s own evaluation of the risk to be overly positive. a culture of openness and tolerance in the workplace is promoted.

Open and prejudice-free work environment

ELClarks, a well-known wedding photography business, collaborates with clients from all over Texas, regardless of ethnicity, culture, or religion. Staff at ELClarks is open-minded and non-judgmental while dealing with international clients, suppliers, and staff. That is why the firm place significant importance on ensuring that everyone has access to equitable employment opportunities (McKay, 2018). ELClarks Photography do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination against our employees and will discipline anyone who brings this to our attention. Even though the company must adhere to a strict code of ethics as a wedding photography company, we strive to maintain an open working environment that encourages innovation and current ideas. Innovative suggestions from our team members and contributors are welcomed and considered. Because we believe in the professional talent and creative intellect of our workers and contributors, we encourage constructive criticism and solution-oriented recommendations.

Compliance with laws, rules & regulations

The leadership of ELClarks Photography is committed to protecting the privacy of our employees’ personal data. All data provided by our workers, contributors, and customers will only be used in accordance with the stated purposes for which they were gathered, and no other information will be made available to third parties unless forced to do so by law or regulation (Semar Bitah & Boukhalfa, 2020). The firm expects their staff and contributors to utilize company assets only for the benefit of ELClarks, in accordance with the law, and in accordance with the ethical standards of photography.


ELClarks Photography Business has limited systems in place in managing the business operations and the one which is active is the knowledge work system (KWS). ELClarks Photography Business have the KWS system in place in order If to encourage knowledge production while also making sure it is properly integrated into the business, and this is where Eddie collaborates with the photographers in sharing skills and ideas to make the company great and productive in-service delivery (Semar Bitah & Boukhalfa, 2020). Graphics, analytical, communications and document management tools are provided to knowledge workers and in this case the photographers to aid in the creation and propagation of new knowledge. The gained knowledge and skills help the photographers produce new angles of taking pictures that works best on the interest of the ELClarks Photography Business. Access to external databases is critical in a knowledge work system. Knowledge work systems should also have an intuitive user interface to make it simple for users to find the information they need. ELClarks Photography Business need to educate and train the photographers to ensure that their skills match with the market needs and ensure that they share knowledge and skills to make the whole team successful in delivering quality services to clients.

Processes Comment by Jaime Sampayo: These sections are great, especially to expand for future paper versions. Appreciative Inquiry is a solid process and focuses on the positive that has worked.

ELClarks Photography uses Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to help the company move toward a shared vision for the future by engaging others in strategic innovation. ELClark Photography uses AI to understand best practices, develop strategic plans, shift culture, and create forward momentum on large-scale initiatives (Navarro et al., 2020). The AI process will follow four distinct phases (processes) called the 4-D Cycle: Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Please continue to expand on this AI model—as this will make your paper super strong.


The company’s participants explore “the best of what is,” identifying the organization’s strengths, best practices, and sources of excellence, vitality, and peak performance (Navarro et al., 2020). The company’s employees especially the photographers try to find examples of when the company has been at its best around innovation, and then identify the common factors in these stories.


Here, the ELClarks’s participants envision a future they really want that is a future where the organization is fully engaged and successful around its core purpose and strategic objectives. They invest time in thinking about what a truly innovative organization would look like. How the leaders, resources, behaviors, the physical space, organizational processes, etc., would change. They work to create a vision of the future that is invigorating and inspiring, something they genuinely want.


Once the vision for the future is clear, the next phase will require the company’s employees to Design the future. In design, the company’s participants leverage the best of what is and their visions for the future to design high-impact strategies that move the organization creatively and decisively in the right direction (Navarro et al., 2020). They determine what steps are needed today, to reach their vision, In the design phase, the employees get as strategic and tactical as possible, creating models and prototypes of different elements of the future, mapping steps, identifying required resources, and engaging the support of others.

Destiny (sometimes also called Deploy)

Here, the firm’s participants put the strategies into action, revising, as necessary. The employees work hard to make the vision a reality in making the ELClarks Photography Business the best photography company in Texas and globally (Navarro et al., 2020).

Next Steps (Paper 2)

ELClarks Photography Business needs some changes especially on the target population that it serves, and this is to consider diversification to include other events in the photography services in addition to the wedding events. The photography business should also consider having the customer relationship management system in place to increase interactions and communications that increase its competitive advantage. The leadership of ELClarks Photography Business is needed to consider collaborating with the junior photographers to deliver quality and incorporate modern technology and innovation to the company. Structures, vision, mission, and strategy is streamlined by having good leadership that believes in teamwork and cooperation. Comment by Jaime Sampayo: Good next steps which can incorporate AI.


ELClarks Photography Business has demonstrated a huge progress and success in the way it manages its work and deliver quality services to clients. The photography business is professionally managed under the leadership of Eddie that has the experience in the photography industry for years and had already developed a good network of customers through the superior quality pictures that the clients were receiving and were recommending his services in weddings. There are various strategies that were adopted and worked for ELClarks Photography Business, and this include the taking the advantage of the local market and the application of the modern technology that the company considered leveraging the social media for promotion and reaching out to more potential customers. There are gaps that are experienced in the ELClarks Photography Business, and this include lack of customer relationship management (CRM) and this needs to be filled to retain customers and reach more potential ones.


Edwards, J. (2021). Vision, Mission, and Goals. Opentextbc.ca. Retrieved 11 October 2021, from https://opentextbc.ca/strategicmanagement/chapter/vision-mission-and-goals/.

McKay, H. (2018). The 4 Business Models for Photographers. Medium. Retrieved 11 October 2021, from https://medium.com/@mckaysphoto/the-4-business-models-for-photographers-c28840c397ea.

Navarro, A., Sancho, M., & Garrido, J. (2020). Business process management systems in port processes: a systematic literature review. International Journal of Agile Systems and Management13(3), 258. https://doi.org/10.1504/ijasm.2020.109245

Semar Bitah, K., & Boukhalfa, K. (2020). Knowledge Management Based Approach for Inter-organizational Collaborative Processes Modelling. International Journal of Business Information Systems1(1), 1. https://doi.org/10.1504/ijbis.2020.10024381

Trevor, J., & Varcoe, B. (2018). A Simple Way to Test Your Company’s Strategic Alignment. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved 11 October 2021, from https://hbr.org/2016/05/a-simple-way-to-test-your-companys-strategic-alignment.

Running head: MOTIVATION 1



Unit 3 IP, worth 100pts, due 31 Oct 21 required the following:

When you reflect on the energy that it takes to complete a Doctoral Management degree, it is important to link to your motivation. Prepare a 600-word paper using the following questions for reflection:

· What motivates you to place such effort into this degree?

· What is your personal vision statement?

· What does your future look like?

· What is your mission statement as a Doctor of Management?


Your submission (2+ pages, submitted 31 Oct 21, due 31 Oct 21) is very informative and insightful; and you are, I believe, on a right track for success. Thank you kindly for sharing your background and experiences. It is clear that you self-motivated, and this is evident. You are success and whatever you touch and that is one of the reasons you are in the doctorate program. You are a self-starter and thank you for including your wishes and dreams for leveraging your doctoral studies. I can also tell that you are committed and once this COVID pandemic settles, we may return to normal. It is healthy to question why we do doctoral degrees, and why other avenues may or may not be more fruitful. Let me add that a doctorate degree opens up so many doors, from teaching, to consulting, to publishing, to conducting studies for various organizations. You may also engage in consulting for companies, just on the classes you take at CTU—except at that time, it will be for money and higher pay. Please consider continuing and eventually publishing your dissertation and consult once you finish. Thank you for the reflections and insight—stay the doctoral course—you won’t regret it.

Dr. Jaime Sampayo

Grade: 100


Colorado Technical University

Organizational Strategy & Design


Dr. Jaime Sampayo

Unit 3 IP

29 Oct 21


The career in human resource is an interesting field of study that deals with dealing with people and ensures that they deliver the best to the organization. As a human resource professional, the field is dynamic where the changes of employees and skills needed changes continuously and require a better approach to make sure that they deliver the best (Klopova et al., 2018). I am enthusiastic about the career and that is what motivates me to further my education and venture into the Doctoral Management degree. I chose further education as one of the approaches that I would use in advancing my profession. The human resource career is about collaborating with people, and I needed further education to understand better on ways of managing and collaborating harmoniously with people in the workplace and ensure that I support them also grow their skills through training be developing a training plan that would facilitate their career growth and development.

I have a vision that I would emerge the best human resource manager in the workplace both locally and internationally and I learned that the only way I would achieve the kind of recognition is improving my knowledge and skills in management that makes it possible to have the best approaches of handling employees. “My vision is to be an industrious, transformative and progressive human resource leader and to be recognized within my industry both locally and internationally.” The vision is one of the key pillars that has motivates me to put that such effort in joining the Doctoral degree in management that require more time and resources to achieve. The passion that I have of having a successful organization that is attributed to the productivity of the human resource is what I aspire to achieve. I had to encounter the challenges that come with workplace conflicts and failure to have immediate response to resolving the conflicts and getting the opportunity to further my education would be a chance to increase my knowledge on ways of managing conflicts and preventing them and create a productive working environment (Klopova et al., 2018). I had a goal of giving the employees that I manage an opportunity to work on areas that they are enthusiastic about and within their job descriptions and there were gaps that I realized and needed more knowledge and skills to be able to support them grow. The opportunity in furthering education is a professional growth that would influence my transformational management skills that ensure that I support the employees and aspiring leaders to also get to build their leadership skills.

My mission statement as a Doctor of Management “My mission is to gain better knowledge and skills that would contribute to my provision of human resource management policies, programs and services that result to the attainment of employees’ career growth and achieving the needs of the organization.” The mission is the pillar that ensures that I have a plan to every stage of the learning process and take the necessary steps of making sure that I gain the knowledge and skills from the Doctoral program. Having a mission statement in place guides me to take the education program with more seriousness knowing that I need to achieve specific issues that would be of value to the employees and the organization (Klopova et al., 2018). I am enthusiastic more about the employees benefiting from my professional growth because they are the pillars of an organization success and motivating them would be of value to them and the organization also. Doctoral degree would be the foundation that would build my creativity and innovative skills that would contribute to my uniqueness in handling workplace tasks and emerge successful by delivering quality services that benefit employees and organization.


Klopova, O., Komyshova, L., & Simonova, M. (2018). Professional development in the field of human resource management of heads and specialists of the innovative organizations. Problems And Perspectives in Management16(1), 214-223. https://doi.org/10.21511/ppm.16(1).2018.21



IP 4 Section Expansion

Organizational Strategies and Design


Colorado Technical University

Unit 4 IP

14 Nov 2021

IP 4 Section Expansion

Hybrid Model

Integration of the hybrid model to ELClarks Photography Business shall promote better productivity since photographers will share digital photographs and physical art pieces in methods that offer full customer satisfaction. In the current environment, clients prefer digital photos for sharing on social media and thus the technique shall promote better outcomes. Allowing clients to get printed versions of their images shall promote better satisfaction for those who prefer hanging art in their homes.



Creation of a proper standard for the company is the main goal to promote photographers with concurrent operational techniques. Regardless of external environmental issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, ELClarks Photography shall grow more after it connects employees in all departments. Using software connections shall be the basis method of submitting change in the entire company. Dissemination of information from management to all departments would be a productive method of create change improvements that are directed at gaining profitability.


The process of gaining large market share would be possible for ELClarks Photography by offer high quality customer service and pictures. From the mission statement, it is possible to understand that the company analyzes all its stakeholders to promote better services and connection to client expectations. Creation of fulfilling relationships for all stakeholders is crucial and possible using research and development activities. All these methods would get structured to adhere to different goals involved in the company’s operations.


Implementation of the sole proprietorship structure for company was productive since Eddie Clarke, the owner, was photographer and already knew how to provide high quality services to clients. Access to different customer information is an accurate method of generate better productivity since all their expectations would get discovered. Using the owners’ vast knowledge and great customer services, the company can expand more by validating new operational techniques and connecting to client demographic requirements. The existing management can train employees to follow the company’s initial structure that had provided it with lots of clients.


Using Personal Network

Implementation of a personal network is crucial since it offers a structure method of acquiring clients that are aware of the company’s existent operations. The best method of creating larger market share is for ELClarks to hire photographers that have digital portfolios since these techniques shall enhance connection to high quality pictures and a ready market.

Taking Advantage of Local Marketing

To create a better marketing process apart from social media, the company can hold community drives whereby pictures would get displayed for the public to view. Creation of corporate social responsibility would be possible after the company sells pictures to the public and uses the funds to create community teaching sessions (Syed et al., 2019). This exercise shall get aimed at training local persons to enter the photography industry.

Application of New and Incoming Technologies

Integration of e-commerce shall be required to offer better techniques of overseeing the company’s productivity since these techniques shall validate the customer acquisition process. A company website displaying different photographs alongside prices and description shall be effective in ensuring potential clients pick their desired services.

Reputation for Quality Service

Since ELClarks Photography has a positive reputation due to Eddie the founder, it is crucial to validate the company’s growth further by constantly following the owner’s directions. The process of gaining larger market share would be possible after performing research and discovering areas where clients require changes then implementing all required changes.


ELClarks Company Culture

The company shall generate better client satisfaction by offering photography services to events after COVID-19 restrictions get reduced. Integration of events that have many guests shall offer better management of clients’ needs since the areas shall create a large market share for persons that require the company’s services. Getting photographers with a lot of expertise shall promote increase in productivity since events like weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events would receive better management.

Unbiased Coverage and Accuracy of Information During Events

Implementation of ethical operations is required at the company since it operates in effective methods that validate different clients’ needs. All these are imperative in offering better services for clients since a structured approach of dealing with client information would validate all their photography requirements (Syed et al., 2019). Ensuring full privacy of clients’ photographs is the best method to validate their photography needs and create larger market share for ELClarks Photography.

Respect of Intellectual Property and Protection of Our Sources

Protection of the company from any king of legal issues is required and that is achieved by integrating copyright factors for every picture taken. Giving rights to the photographer, location, date, and pictures’ owners are crucial methods of creating better services.

Employees’ and Contributors’ Safety First

Protection of photographers’ health and intellectual property rights are all crucial to validate their work sessions. This shall be possible by sharing information about areas where clients would be expected to always work and promoting full rights for pictures that would be company property until clients pay for them.

Open and Prejudice-Free Work Environment

The work environment ensures diversity and inclusion that are crucial procedures of promoting better services. All these methods would be productive in validating positive outcomes from the company by creating a work structure which considers input of every employee. Any cases of unethical behavior would get managed by promoting discipline for any employees found to engage in negative behaviors.

Compliance with Laws, Rules & Regulations

Using an internal code of ethics shall be a productive method for the company to continue growing in profitability and social responsibility since all employees would get provided with a structured method of performing daily duties. It shall be possible to validate all methods of delivering work output b integrating quality services for all clients.


Integration of technology and use of a knowledge work system shall increase productivity for ELClarks Photography Business since the company shall access information from clients. This process shall validate the research procedure and ensure increase in positive quality based on clients’ expectations that employees would provide.



The process of discovery is possible since it ensures access of the business strengths and use of appreciate inquiry. Use of these new ways of submitting change in the company shall validate different methods for photographers to get provided with opportunity to take high quality images.


ELClarks Photography shall operate better in future by performing research and development to find out areas where clients require improvements. In these ways, it shall be possible to validate the research process for better resource management.


Involvement of employees in the company’s operations would be the best structural method of generating change improvements. All these methods shall validate company development processes by promoting better access to data and a structured method of creating profitable operations.


Integration of productive company operations would be possible in various stages whereby employees would get provided with accurate performance enhancement procedures. In all these ways, ELClarks Photography shall increase its market share and customer satisfaction procedures.


Syed Ibrahim M, Hanif A, Jamal FQ, Ahsan A (2019) Towards successful business process improvement – An extension of change acceleration process model. PLoS ONE 14(11): e0225669. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0225669


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