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Key Assignment Draft: Include session changes

The first two Individual Projects used linked lists for stacks, queues, and hashing implementations. With this task, searching performance with linked lists will be addressed.

Part 1: Your tasks for this assignment are the following:

  1. Discuss the use of a binary tree when searching for keys in an array.
  2. Discuss the use of a binary tree when searching for keys in a linked list.

Part 2: Complete the following program:

  1. Describe a linked list structure to support binary searching.
  2. Create pseudo code to describe a binary search with this linked list variation.

Week 4 Deliverables:

  • Summary of binary search with an array.
  • Summary of binary search with a linked list.
  • 1 fully documented pseudo code implementation of a linked list useful for binary searches.

Part 3: Key Assignment Draft:

Once you have completed this section, submit the pseudocode and summary of binary searches from all of the following in your Key Assignment template:

  • Section 1: Lists, Stacks, and Queues
  • Section 2: Heaps and Trees
  • Section 3: Sorting Algorithms
  • Section 4: Searching

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