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By using the following questions below Try your best to relate each questions to your expected future employment (Hotel ceo}. Summarize your results in a 3 – 5 page paper. Provide an introductory paragraph about the company you chose, a paragraph about the industry, and a paragraph about the role you are filling or hope to one day fulfill. This paper does not need to meet APA standards, but should be presented in a professional and academic manner.


1. What are the three reasons that the environment matters?

2. Which of these three reasons is most important? Why?

3. Can you identify an environmental trend that no organizations can influence?

1. What does each letter of PESTEL mean?

2. Using a recent news article, identify a trend that has a positive and negative implication for a

particular industry.

3. Can you identify a general environment trend that has positive implications for nursing homes but

negative implications for diaper makers?

4. Are all six elements of PESTEL important to every organization? Why or why not?

5. What is a key trend for each letter of PESTEL and one industry or firm that would be affected by

that trend?

1. What are the five forces?

2. Is there an aspect of industry activity that the five forces seems to leave out?

3. Imagine you are the president of your college or university. Which of the five forces would be most

important to you? Why?

1. What other colleges and universities are probably in your school’s strategic group?

2. From what other groups of colleges and universities could your school learn? What specific ideas

could be borrowed from these groups?

1. In groups of four or five, use the PESTEL framework to identify elements from each factor of the

general environment that could have a large effect on your future career.

2. Use Porter’s five forces analysis to analyze an industry in which you might like to work in the

future. Discuss the implications your results may have on the salary potential of jobs in that industry

and how that could impact your career plans.


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