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1. Go to the following website and answer the following questions below:…

Don’t worry, the site is safe and secure even though you might get a message saying that it is not. a. How many adults are on the death row tracking system report (scroll to the bottom)?
b. How many people with the last name the following (below) are on the report?

1. Johnson 2. Lewis
3. Mendoza

2. Go to this website and answer the following questions below: overturned.html

  1. What court overturned the death sentence of California’s longest serving death row inmate?
  2. What is his name?
  3. What crime did he commit?
  4. Who did a poor job trying to persuade jurors against a death sentence?
  5. The court said Stankewitz was severely emotionally damaged by the time he was 6, partly because his

    was born into a filthy, poverty-stricken home without running water or electricity and with an intellectually

    impaired alcoholic mother and an abusive, alcoholic father, do you think this is reason enough to not give

    him the death penalty?????

3. Go to the following website and answer the questions below: down and click on ENTER Pick an inmate and answer the following questions.

a. What is the name?
b. At what prison is he/she incarcerated?

c. How does it make you feel that he/she is searching for pen pals? Do you think this is right? Why or why not?

4. Go to the following website and answer the questions below: a. According to the webpage, how many superior courts are there in California?
a. How many court filings were there in 2014-2015?
b. How much do jurors get paid?

c. What percentage of Californians was summoned to jury service in 2014-2015? d. The California Supreme Court has how many justices?
e. How many languages and dialects are spoken in California?

5. Go to the following website hover your mouse over ABOUT THE COURT, then click on Frequently Asked Questions and you are given 4 different categories (see below), pick a question from each category and write the question and the answer.

6. Go to the following website and answer the following questions:
a. As of this week November 6-12, 2017, see if you can find out how many people have been exonerated because I cannot find it on the home page – they used to post the #. What does the word exonerated mean?
b. Click on The Cases, then scroll down to Featured Cases (or you can click on See all the cases) and pick one of the cases and summarize what their situation was and what happened to them.
c. Do you think many people are wrongly convicted? Why or why not?

7. Make an argument either for or against the death penalty, not both, one or the other in at least 50 words. Be sure to really articulate your argument.

8. Read in the textbook about Victims’ Rights in California. What do you think about this? Are these rights important? If so, why, or why not in at least 50 words?

9. What is the difference between indeterminate and determinate sentencing???????

10. What is a presentence investigation?

11. From chapter 8, explain the stages in a criminal trial. Describe each stage.

12. What does the term (from your textbook) “probative value” mean, in your own words.

13. In your own words, explain each of the sentencing goals described in chapter 9 and what their purpose is.

14. Go to…
on the top of the page on the right-hand side, click on Medieval Torture and Punishment, read it then fill in the blanks:

The Medieval period was _________ and _________thirsty. In these barbarous times the _______ and

pitiless feeling which induced legislators to increase the _________of tortures and punishment which

contributed to the aggravation of the fate of prisoners. Torture ___________and __________were

included in many castles of the era. Law or custom did not prescribe any fixed rules for the treatment of

prisoners who faced torture and punishment. Different types of torture and punishment were used

depending on the victim’s ________and ________status. Torture as a form of punishment was seen as a

totally ____________means for justice to _________confessions, or obtain the names of accomplices or

other information about the crime. Torture was a legitimate way to obtain ____________and

____________from suspects for use in legal inquiries and trials during the Middle Ages.

b. Now click on the following topics and briefly explain each different type of punishment, what do you think about them? Do you think they were effective, why or why not? 1- Ducking Stool 2- Dislocation 3- Scold’s Bridal 4 -The Stocks 5 – Thumbscrews

15. What is the difference between factual guilt and legal guilt?

16. Explain, in your own words, what a Victim-Impact Statement is. What is the purpose?

17. Explain in your own words what diversion is, as explained in our text book.

18. Do you agree with scientific jury selection? First of all, explain what it is and then explain why you agree or disagree.

19. If you could be any of the professional players in the courtroom, as explained in chapter 8, who would you be and why?

27. Release on recognizance
a. results in a no-show rate to higher than 50%.
b. results in the defendant’s release based on a guarantee that a defendant provides in writing. c. requires a 10% cash bond.
d. results in the pretrial detention of a suspect.

29. Which U.S. Supreme Court case forces the prosecution to disclose any evidence that the defense requests?

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