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Option # 2: Community Action Plan Outline

For this option you will submit a detailed, 2-page full sentence outline (in outline format, not in essay format) of the final paper for your chosen public health issue (smoking) and Community Action Plan (banning smoking in more places).

For the detailed outline:

  1. Briefly describe the public health issue and the community you will use for your Portfolio. Include the community’s history, and be sure to cite supporting sources. (Public health issue: Smoking, Community: Southern California, Orange County)
  2. Click here for information about creating full sentence outlines. Your outline must be in the correct format shown in this link for full credit. (
  3. Address the following aspects of your selected issue:
    1. Symptoms
    2. Diagnosis
    3. Cure
    4. Prevention
  • In the Symptoms section, describe the public health issue (smoking) that you have observed in your community (Southern California, Orange County). What “symptoms” does it exhibit? Think about whom it affects, where it affects them, and how.
  • In the Diagnosis section, discuss the causes of the issue, and give examples of other communities that have suffered the same problem. How did those communities solve or attempt to address the issue?
  • In the Cure section, discuss your action plan for addressing this public health issue in your community.
  • In the Prevention section, discuss possible options for long-term prevention of the public health issue that you have selected.

Your full sentence outline should be 2-3 pages in length, not counting the title page and reference page which you must include. Your outline should include a minimum of 3 scholarly references.

My Action Plan is in regards to banning smoking in more public areas, my Public Health Issue is smoking and the effects it has on the community of Southern California, Orange County to be specific. If you need any prior papers written leading up to the final paper please let me know as they may be helpful to you.

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