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Read the attached document, “Analyzing the Media’s Role in the Political Process”. After reading the attached blog and the information in the textbook from Chapter’s 10 and 13 on the media, the following assignment is to be completed.

Note: In the article Dr. Lynch, in his analysis states that there are some problems or charges against the media for example:

the media seems to lack the principles of being objective and provides Impartial reporting

the media does not only report the news but represents certain segments of society

some issues as reported are often distorted and causes confusion

a few individuals own media outlets and influence political opinion

The assignment is to respond to this statement:

The rise of media empires that are owned and controlled by a few individuals in a democracy has a profound effect on political views of individuals

Format: Research atleast two media corporations, include who the owners are number of people reached/exposed whether it is by television or written. Provide two examples of written information or televised programming that shows how this particular issue as presented by this media outlet could influence the political views of individuals. For example if you read an article in the New York Times explain how the information could influence the political views of individuals. Also,, include who owns the paper and circulation numbers of paper.

Be specific, include the issue discussed in detail and the political message given that would influence choices and decisions made by people watching or reading it.

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