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Richard Mason’s ethical framework for information technology is well known for the acronym PAPA which stands for PRIVACY, ACCESSIBILITY, PROPERTY, and ACCURACY.

Analyze these four areas of ethics (PAPA) in relation to your life as a student and an information technology professional.
Cite specific examples from cases, laws, class discussions and the text book and demonstrate their effect (PAPA) on you personally.
Your paper should be at least two but no longer than three pages.
APA format is not necessary but look at the PAPA rubric (attached) for specific requirements and pertinent grading information.

Complete it on time and make sure it is relevant and your own work!

Privacy – what information must a person reveal and how is the information safeguarded?
Accuracy – who is responsible for keeping information correct and what are remedies if it is not?
Property – who owns information and how is compensation determined?
Accessibility- how can a person obtain information and with what safeguards?
Mason’s Outline of Ethical Issues: PAPA….

All instructions below. Please check.

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