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First the topic is perception. I need help writing a short description of topic.(6-7 sentences) Next need 3 references on perception and then for each reference answer short questions per reference. Here are the short questions: Questions for first reference on perception that you find..What are the key aspects of cognition covered in this reference or study? 2nd what evidence does the reference or study present for how cognitive processes influence the area of human behavior covered in research? 3rd question for the first reference on perception: What research design was used for the study, and also why did the researchers decide to use it? 4thHow did the researchers address potential ethical issues in the study, and did they do it adequately? Why or why not? For the last two references on perception use the same questions above and put reference first and then the questions below for each one. So three references each with questions below for each one.

Lastly, combine all three references together while answering these short questions: How have the views on the topic changed over time? Next What conclusions can be reached based on all the studies and also the references? Also what gaps exist in the studies that could be addressed in future research? Last questions considering all three references together: Based on the topic (Perception) and resources, what is the research question? All APA, double spaced Times New Roman Font. Also for each question 7-10 sentences is perfect.

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper